Brunch in Beijing – The Top 12 Brunch Spots (Updated for 2022)

Your Guide to Finding the Best Brunch Spots in Beijing

If you’re anything like us, when the weekend hits in Beijing it means one thing: weekend brunch!


Now, Beijing has loads of brunch spots so deciding where to go can be a challenge which is why we’ve put together a list of our top 12 favourite places for brunch in Beijing.

Did you know that brunch in Chinese is 早午餐 (zǎo wǔcān). This literally translates to “morning, noon, food“. Makes sense right!

Brunch in Beijing #1 – Feast

Brunch in Beijing #2 – Eudora Station

Brunch in Beijing #3 – Cafe Zarah

Brunch in Beijing #4 – Mosto

Brunch in Beijing #5 – Arrow Factory

Brunch in Beijing #6 – The Rug

Brunch in Beijing #7 – El Barrio

Brunch in Beijing #8 – Toast

Brunch in Beijing #9 – Migas Mercado

Brunch in Beijing #10 – Hulu

Brunch in Beijing #11 – Jing Yaa Tang

Brunch in Beijing #12 – Tiger Pancake House

Brunch in Beijing – #1 Feast

Number one on our list for best brunch spots in Beijing has to be Feast (Food by East).

Located in the East Hotel near the 798 Art District, their bottomless brunch really gives you your money’s worth.

Feast’s all inclusive brunch comes in at 328 RMB, which may seem like a lot but wait until you hear what it includes…

The way that brunch works at Feast is that you order a main meal from their a la carte menu.

This includes your typical brunch food like pancakes or an omelette and also bigger main dishes such as seared duck breast or grilled prime rib.

On top of this you also get an all you can eat buffet, which serves as your starter and dessert. However with an array of curries, dim sum, sushi and much more it’s easy to fill up on this alone. And if that wasn’t enough this is all topped off with free-flow wine (which now includes sparkling), beer and soft drinks.


They have a large indoor and outdoor seating area, making it a great spot no matter the weather!

Feast’s philosophy is “simple things, done well” and take it from us their brunch has been done very well indeed!

Price: 328 RMB includes one main meal, all you can eat buffet and free-flow drinks
Time: Saturday and Sunday 11:30am – 3pm
Address: 2nd Floor, EAST Beijing, 22 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District

Brunch in Beijing – #2 Eudora Station

Coming in at number two we have Eudora Station. This is the cheapest of our bottomless brunches on our list with a price of only 128 RMB.


Included in Eudora’s brunch is an all you can eat buffet, which includes a selection of steaks cooked to order, pasta, pizza, salads, desserts and much more.

There is also free-flow wine (including sparkling wine), beer and soft drinks.

Their food selection is a smaller than Feast, and the overall quality of food and drinks is slightly lower, but it’s an absolute bargain for the price!

Although Eudora Station has three floors, for brunch they only open up the bottom floor.

There is quite a large seating space and they have some nice seating outside in summer.

Given what a bargain the brunch here is, they’re normally always pretty busy so it’s best to book ahead to make sure you manage to get a table!

Price: 128 RMB includes all you can eat buffet and free-flow drinks
Time: Saturday and Sunday 10:30am – 3pm
Address: 6 Fangyuan Xilu, Chaoyang District

Brunch in Beijing – #3 Cafe Zarah

Cafe Zarah’s brunch is a must for those hutong lovers out there.

Located just east of Houhai, with a beautiful courtyard Zarah is a great place for a relaxed Sunday brunch.


They have two all inclusive brunch options which are either 198 RMB for food only or 298 RMB to include free-flow drinks.

The brunch food on offer is an array of salads, nibbles, bacon, sausages and great cheese selection.

There is also an omelette stand for those who think that eggs are a must at brunch.

The non-free-flow option makes Zarah a good choice for non-drinkers. or those nursing a hangover. However, those opting for the free-flow will not be disappointed!

Zarah’s brunch has one of the best selections of drinks as along with the usual free-flow wine and beer, mixed drinks are also included. So if you’re after that classic gin and tonic to wash your brunch down with, then this is definitely the place for you.

Price: 198 RMB all you can eat buffet, 298 RMB to include free-flow drinks
Time: Sunday 10am – 3pm
Address: 46 Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District

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Brunch in Beijing – #4 Mosto

Tucked away in Nali Patio, Mosto’s brunch menu is a little on the small side, compared to some of the other places on this list.

However, the food that is on offer is very high quality and a reasonable price.


Mosto has some staple brunch foods like blueberry pancakes and eggs Benedict along with some more unusual additions such as mac and cheese or risotto.

For those carnivores among you they have a delicious steak dish on offer as well.

If you’re feeling decadent you can add two hours of free-flow wine, prosecco, Bellinis and mimosas for 188 RMB. These are also available for purchase by the glass.

Price: Food 55 RMB – 168 RMB, add two hours of free-flow for 188 RMB
Time: Saturday and Sunday 10am – 3pm
Address: 3rd Floor, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District

Brunch in Beijing – #5 Arrow Factory

Arrow Factory is the smallest brunch menu of our list with only three set brunch options on their menu: English breakfast, huevos hancheros and croque monsieur eggs Benedict.

They recently also introduced a DIY brunch option, where you can pick and choose exactly what it is you want on your plate.

However, if none of these takes your fancy you can also order from their full menu which includes lots of English pub classics.


As a Brit I have to recommend their English breakfast, which I think is one of the best and most authentic in Beijing.

Their brunch menu includes a coffee or tea in the price, or alternatively there is the option to add a any Arrow Factory beer for 25 RMB or a classic Bloody Mary for 35 RMB.

The best time to have brunch at Arrow Factory is definitely in spring or summer when their rooftop is open.

But, be warned once the warm weather hits this place is hugely popular with locals and expats so you may have to wait for a table.

Price: Food 55 RMB – 75 RMB, add a beer for 25RM or Bloody Mary for 35 RMB
Time: Saturday and Sunday 11:30am – 3pm
Address: Tayuan Diplomatic Apartment North Side, 1 Xindong Lu, Chaoyang District

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Brunch in Beijing – #6 The Rug

Serving brunch all day everyday, The Rug definitely has to be one of Beijing’s most famous brunch spots.

They have two very central locations: one in the heart of Sanlitun just off Gongti Beilu and another just down the road opposite the south gate of Chaoyang Park.


The Rug pride themselves on sourcing local, high quality ingredients that are organic where possible. They specialise in fusion dishes, putting an Asian spin on many classics.

As food is sourced locally they have a seasonal menu with new dishes regularly appearing. Although they do have some staple classics that stay on their menu all year round.

A must try classic is their unbelievably fluffy Japanese style hot-cakes with homemade boba, cream and maple syrup.

Price: Food 50 RMB and up (average 80 – 120 RMB)
Time: Daily, brunch served all day
Address: Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District

Brunch in Beijing – #7 El Barrio

El Barrio is another brunch spot located in the beautiful Nali Patio, in central Sanlitun.

Their new brunch menu has just launched and is already racking up to be one of the best in Beijing.


Enjoy a Mexican brunch at El Barrio with dishes like chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, scrambled eggs with chorizo and chilli and much, much more. Along with the brunch dishes you can also order some of El Barrio’s usual Mexican offerings such as quesadillas or tacos.

Now would any Mexican brunch be complete without some frozen margaritas thrown in?

To spice things up even more you can add three hours of free-flow frozen margaritas, sangria and other cocktails for 188 RMB.

El Barrio’s large terrace make it a truly great spot for spring and summer, with the Mediterranean vibes of Nali Patio, it’s easy to imagine that you’re not in Beijing at all.

Price: Food 38 RMB – 88 RMB add free-flow for 188 RMB
Time: Saturday and Sunday 12 – 3pm
Address: 2nd Floor, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District

Brunch in Beijing – #8 Toast

Toast is located at Beijing’s boutique hotel The Orchid. This is another spot for those who love the Gulou area and exploring the hutongs.


At Toast they have a Middle Eastern inspired menu so you will see some traditional Middle Eastern brunch plates like Shakshuka – eggs poached in tomatoes, a personal favourite of mine.

They also have some Chinese fusion brunch dishes such as their ‘Full Chinglish’ or ‘Banana and Apricot Jianbing’.

The serving sizes at Toast are small because the idea is to order multiple dishes and share, so for the best experience (and to try the most food), I’d recommend going with a group of friends.

They also have plenty of drinks on offer, with some refreshing cocktails and a great wine selection for anyone after an alcoholic beverage.

Toast has a lovely view out over the hutong roofs and in summer they open up their terrace so that you can enjoy brunch in the sun.

Price: Food 38 RMB – 118 RMB
Time: Daily, 10:30am – 2pm
Address: 65 Baochao Hutong, Dongcheng District

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Brunch in Beijing – #9 Migas Mercado

Enjoy brunch with a view at Migas Mercado, set right in the heart of Guomao.

This restaurant overlooks the likes of the CCTV Tower and Beijing’s tallest building China Zun.


Migas Mercado’s brunch menu includes individual dishes like their wide array of omelettes.

Or there are some great sharing plates like their whole roasted chicken if you’re feeling more indulgent.

Or if you’re looking for something a bit different their new tapas menu is also available with a whole range of delightful options.

To make their brunch into a boozey one two hours of free-flow can be added for 168 RMB. Drinks included are their refreshing sangria, cava, the classic Bloody Mary and soft drinks.

In summer you can also take your brunch outside to their beautiful terrace to eat al fresco and take in the panoramic views of the CBD.

Price: Food 69 RMB – 248 RMB add two hours of free-flow for 168 RMB
Time: Saturday and Sunday 11.30am – 2.30pm
Address: 7th Floor, China World Mall, 1 Jianguomen Waidajie, Chaoyang District

Brunch in Beijing – #10 Hulu

Hulu is brought to you by the TRB culinary team. Anyone familiar with fine dining in Beijing will have heard of TRB or Temple Restaurant Beijing. They are behind a number of high class restaurants serving contemporary European cuisine.


Hulu is their latest venture and offers a more causal dining experience, the same great quality food, but at a lower price.

For anyone who is a fan of a continental brunch, Hulu is a top choice with their mouthwatering sharing boards.

Some must try dishes are their cold cuts meat platter or plate of pan fried quail eggs.

Any wine buffs out there will also be impressed by their extensive wine list and they also have some killer cocktails.

Located in Taikoo Li Shopping Mall it’s a great place to start your day before braving the shops in busy Sanlitun.

Price: Food 40 RMB and up
Time: Daily, brunch served all day
Address: 3rd Floor, Taikoo Li South, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District

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Brunch in Beijing – #11 Jing Yaa Tang

Stepping away from the more traditional Western style brunch the upmarket Chinese restaurant Jing Yaa Tang offers up a sumptuous selection of all you can eat dim sum.


One of the many great restaurants in The Opposite House hotel, Jing Yaa Tang is also the proud receiver of a Michelin star.

They won a Michelin star during the 2020 edition of the Beijing Michelin Guide, the first ever edition, and retained that star for the 2021 edition as well.

Now, you might be thinking Michelin star won’t that be super expensive, well you couldn’t be more wrong! Their all you can eat dim sum brunch comes at an affordable 188 RMB and free flow sparkling wine can be added for an extra 168 RMB.

If you don’t fancy their free flow they have a great range of cocktails on offer, many of which have a unique Chinese inspired twist as well as local beer and a large wine collection.

Price: 188 RMB all you can eat dim sum, add 168 RMB for free flow sparkling wine
Time: Every day 12am – 2:30pm (free flow only available on weekends)
Address: B1/F, The Opposite House, Sanlitun Village, 11 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District

Brunch in Beijing – #12 Tiger Pancake House

You might be able to guess from the name what Tiger Pancake House it all about, yes that’s right pancakes!

This American style pancake restaurant serves up delicious fluffy pancakes topped with just about anything you could wish for. What could be more satisfying than sitting down for brunch in Beijing with a stack of pancakes topped with syrup, fresh fruit, ice cream and a dollop of cream.

Anyone with a sweet tooth will be in heaven. However those who prefer their brunches to be on the savoury side won’t be disappointed either.

There are a range of American brunch classics on the menu like their smoked salmon omelette or big American breakfast.

All brunch items are served with a side of American pancakes, so you definitely won’t leave feeling hungry!

With two floors, and outside seating in summer, there is plenty of space. But be warned this is a very popular spot with locals, especially on weekends, so booking a table ahead might be a good idea.

Tables can easily be booked through the Dianping app.

Price: Food 60 RMB and up
Time: Daily, brunch served all day
Address: 105 Building 24, Shuanghayuan Nanli Sanqu, Guanghua Beiyijie, Chaoyang District

Brunch in Beijing – FAQ’s

What is the best brunch in Beijing?

Our number one best brunch in Beijing is Feast at the East Hotel, however all the brunch places on this list are great and definitely worth checking out!

Where does bottomless brunch in Beijing?

In Beijing there are a number of places that do bottomless brunch such as Feast, El Barrio, Eudora Station and many more. Check out our list for all the details.

Where does brunch in Sanlitun?

There are loads of great brunch places in Sanlitun, our favourites are The Rug, Hulu, Mosto and El Barrio. Check out the full list for further details.

Where can I get an English breakfast in Beijing?

You can find a great English breakfast in Beijing at Arrow Factory.

How do you say brunch in Chinese?

Brunch in Chinese is 早午餐 (zǎo wǔcān), this literally translates to “morning, noon, meal”.

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