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  • Ali

    I'm hoping to go to China next year to study, would I be able to get wechat pay or alipay set up before I go??

    • Katie Coy

      Hi Ali,

      You should be able to set up Alipay or WeChat Pay with a foreign bank card before you go. You can see our blog here about how to add a foreign bank card to Alipay. When you move to China you should also be able to set up a Chinese bank account and then will be able to link this as well. Hope that helps!


  • Cheryl

    Thank you for the nice summary! I have two questions: 1) Do you need to have WI-FI or access to the internet when you use Alipay? 2) The amount allowed is 2,000 RMB for 3 months for Alipay? Once you use up the 2,000 RMB in one day, can you add another 2,000 RMB the next day? What is the limit for topping off in the 3 months period? Thanks!

    • Max Hobbs

      HI Cheryl,

      Thanks for your comment, let's help you out here:

      1 - You do need Wifi or Data access but what I found before is that if you have the QR code up before, have no internet, but use the code, it did work also. This could be a solution if you don't have any data. But if you wanted to load up Alipay from the start, with no data, it won't work.

      2 - The Alipay tourpass allows 2,000RMB yes. We aren't sure of the exact limit for Tourpass but you can definitely top it up again. Remember this is Tourpass, if you have a Chinese bank account linked to your Alipay or WeChat you can spend as much as you have!

      Hope this helps