Want your kids to immerse themselves in Chinese language and culture?

Welcome to our Summer Camp in Beijing open to all ages between 7-17.

In our Beijing Summer Camp, students spend their mornings learning Mandarin Chinese.

After this, we all go for a group lunch. Afternoons are then spent exploring Beijing.

The LTL Summer Camp in Beijing has been running for years and has proved to be a huge success, with students returning year after year.

LTL Summer Camp || Day Trip
AGES 7-17

Kids must be at least 11 years old to come to our summer camp in Beijing without parents.


Choose between our residence camp or living with a homestay family.


You choose how long you want your child to study with LTL Language School.


We offer 24/7 emergency support with a team who know how it’s done.

  • Summer Camp at LTL Beijing
  • Summer Camp || Hot Springs


For parents who want their children to learn Mandarin, make international friends, and have a meaningful cultural experience in another country, our Summer Camp in Beijing is the perfect destination.

Children and teens from around the world come together to immerse themselves in Mandarin and the local culture, whilst embarking on adventures in the capital of China.

  • Ages 7-17
  • 1-8 weeks
  • 4 Hours of Mandarin a day
  • Cultural activity every afternoon
  • 24/7 emergency support + guide


Our Summer Camp in Beijing runs for eight weeks during June and July.

You can sign your kids up for anything from one week to the full eight-week package.

  • 20 hours of class a week
  • Discover Beijing together
  • Meals and tuition included
  • Accommodation options are also available
  • Tereza on the Great Wall
  • Summer Camp || Day Trip


There’s plenty to see and do in Beijing. However, before we hit the streets, your kids will spend four hours each day learning Mandarin from our fully certified and experienced teachers.

After a morning of study, it’s time to go for lunch together. Every day, we pick out a different restaurant and take the kids to fill their bellies.

All of this is included in the final price.

We will then head out and embark on various trips to local museums, parks and markets where we can all practice using the language together.

Every Saturday we also run a day trip which lasts from 9am to 6pm.


You have two accommodation options with our Summer Camp in Beijing.

Your child can choose between the homestay camp or the residence camp.

In our homestay camp, your child will have the opportunity to stay with a local host family, immersing themselves in Chinese culture.

The LTL residence camp provides a shared living arrangement where students stay together in shared rooms. A program coordinator resides with the participants.

You can find all the prices below.

  • Homestay in China with LTL
  • Summer Camp Day Trip
  • Homestay in China with LTL
  • Homestay Family with Savannah


In the price table, you will see options for our residence camp and homestay camp. We also offer a day camp and half-day camp for parents who wish to house their kids themselves.

Don’t forget to drop us a message if you have any questions about our Beijing Summer Camp.


Can families participate in the Beijing Summer Camp too?

Yes, this is no problem.

You could either take a Mandarin language course, share accommodation with your child or just take a break and explore whilst your child is at the summer camp. 

Please speak to us for a tailor-made program for you and your family.

How long are summer camp lessons?

Each lesson of our summer camp in Beijing lasts 55 minutes.

Your child will have four of them every day.

Schedules can vary slightly.

I have more than one child, can they all join together?

Of course. We offer a 5% discount for any summer camp participants who sign up together.

Do I need to buy health insurance?

Yes, you should.

Please make sure it covers international clinics and hospitals in China.

Is lunch included in the summer camp?

Lunch is included for all summer camp students.

After the morning classes, we accompany the children to a restaurant where we’ll fill up on food before going out to explore Beijing.

Is Beijing a safe place for kids?

Cities don’t get much safer.

Beijing is incredibly safe and crime is very rare.

People are generally very curious about foreigners who come and are super friendly towards them.

What happens if my child gets sick?

There are very good international medical facilities available in Beijing.

We will accompany your child to the hospital, in case of an emergency at any time of the day/night needed.

IMPORTANT || Please make sure your child is insured. 

If there are problems with my child, how do we solve them?

Your child’s guardian is always your first point of contact. 

If your child does not have a guardian program, please contact your student advisor. 

In case of emergencies, we are contactable 24/7.

For non-urgent questions, you will have a reply by the next working day.

Would you recommend a homestay for a child?

Homestays are great for kids!

Our homestay families are very carefully selected and they are here to help your child improve their Mandarin and introduce them to the culture.

They look after their host children and give your child the freedom to explore from a safe home base. 

They also provide supervision and help with enforcing the rules you set for your child.

Can I set rules for my child?

Yes, we’d encourage this.

You will fill out our parent questionnaire before the summer camp in Beijing.

Here you can define rules for your child.

I came to Beijing with my father and went to the Beijing summer camp. I really enjoyed it, especially the afternoon activities!

– Peter from Paraguay


I had a great experience studying Chinese at LTL Mandarin School Beijing from start to finish. The staff was so friendly

– Jerrald from Malaysia


Everyone at LTL was very kind and supportive. I would like to return to the summer camp next year with my little brother.

– Lily from the US


My daughter and I came for her to practice and continue her Chinese education. LTL delivered a wonderful experience.

– Anna from Norway


My 3-week summer course was honestly an incredible experience. In short, I learned, and experienced so many new things.

– Markus from Germany


The school has a nice environment as well, we often ate lunch together and there were often fun weekend and evening activities.

– Marco from Italy



Interested in sending your kids to our Beijing Summer Camp? Our student advisor will reach you and get your course booked up in no time.