Beijing Summer Camp 2018

The LTL Beijing Summer Camp is the most fun, effective and safe way for children and teenagers to learn Mandarin, explore Chinese culture and take a holiday from normal school life.

During the program you will not only work on improving your Chinese, but also take part in a varied calendar of cultural and social activities every afternoon and at the weekends. That may include a Kong Fu masterclass on the LTL school roof terrace, spending a night away in a resort near the Great Wall or even playing ping pong with local Chinese high school students.

Beijing Summer Camp - LTL Mandarin School Beijing

  • China’s best summer language camp
  • Live in a homestay or the LTL residence
  • Make new friends from all over the world
  • Fun and interactive classes
  • Safe environment
  • Full support from LTL staff

These activities ensure that you come away with not only brilliant Chinese, but also a better understanding of China’s fascinating culture.

  • Varied Calendar

    Varied Calendar

    Morning classes: 4 hours/day Mandarin classes in a small group Afternoon activities: Experience Chinese culture first hand every day
    Weekend Trips: From climbing the Great Wall to exploring the Forbidden City
    Different every week: A brand new set of activities every week!

  • Safe


    Beijing: One of the world’s safest cities
    Full Supervision: All trips and school activities are fully supervised
    Home from Home: Live in the safety and comfort of a Chinese family home
    LTL Experience: More than 1000 teenagers have studied at LTL

  • Fun


    New experiences: The language, the culture, the places, the food!
    New friends: Meet other students of similar age
    International: LTL hosts students from all over the world
    Chilled: Practice your Chinese in a relaxed school environment

  • Learn Mandarin

    Learn Mandarin

    Fun & Young: Great teachers that make Mandarin learning fun
    Small classes: Maximum of 6 students per class
    Homestays: Practice Chinese at home to improve your speaking quickly
    Live the Language Speak and hear Chinese from dawn 'til dusk!

How the camp works

You will start the day with breakfast, either at your homestay with your Chinese family or at the student residence with your fellow students and the camp counsellor. Classes at the school usually start at 9am and last until 1pm. You will then have lunch together with all the other summer campers on our 30th floor rooftop balcony, with its amazing view across Beijing’s Central Business District. After classes and lunch are finished all the camp participants get together for an afternoon activity. This might be a Kong Fu masterclass, or a visit to see the pandas at Beijing zoo, or even a meet-up with teenagers from a Chinese high school. In the evening we will either all eat together at a local restaurant, or you’ll return to your homestay family / the LTL residence for dinner.

Each Saturday of Summer Camp we organise a full day trip to explore some of the amazing sights that Beijing has to offer – like the historic Summer Palace, the Birds Nest Olympic Stadium (and waterpark!) or the Great Wall. On Sunday, you’ll have get the chance to relax at at home, either with your homestay family at home, or with your counsellor and the other residence camp students.

Beijing Summer Camp Options

Homestay Program (11 – 17 years old)

Live with a Chinese homestay family and experience Chinese culture first hand, while practicing your spoken Mandarin. From Monday to Saturday breakfast and dinner are taken with the host family and you eat lunch at the school. On Sundays all meals are with your homestay family and you participate in family trips and social activities, which can include anything from playing badminton to hiking in the mountains around China’s Great Wall. This is our most popular summer camp option.

Residential Camp (11 – 17 years old)

Accommodation is in the LTL residence, less than a five minutes’ walk from the school, together with other summer program participants in single or shared rooms. A program coordinator lives with you, organises activities, and offers support and supervision during the program. Students eat all meals together, either at the residence, the school or at a local restaurant in the area.

Day Camp (7 – 17 years old)

You participate in all classes and social activities, but stay with your parents at night and on Sundays. The day camp includes lunch every day at the school and during weekend trips. Transport to the school can be arranged, depending on location.

Family Packages

Parents can accompany their children to Beijing and either sign up for Chinese language classes themselves and share accommodation with their child, or take a break and explore China while their child is at the camp. Please enquire with us for a tailor-made program for you and your family.


Time Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
08:00 – 08:30 Breakfast at camp/homestay Breakfast at camp/homestay Breakfast at camp/homestay Breakfast at camp/homestay Breakfast at camp/homestay School Trip to the Great Wall of China Activities in Camp/with Homestay
09:00 – 13:00 Chinese class Chinese class Chinese class Chinese class Chinese class
13:00 – 14:30 Lunch at school Lunch at school Lunch at school Lunch at school Lunch at school
14:30 – 18:30 Kong Fu Class Beijing City Tour Chinese painting Visit a local high school Silk Market Shopping Tour
18:30 Dinner at camp/homestay Beijing Duck Group Dinner Dinner at camp/homestay Dinner at camp/homestay Dinner at camp/homestay

Dates & Prices

Dates: June 25th 2018 – August 10th 2018

Starting dates:  June 25th, July 2rd, July 9th, July 16th, July 23rd, July 30th, and August 6th

Students can choose to study for any preferred length of time, from one week to the whole seven week program. For students who want to stay longer or arrive earlier, extension programs can be offered.

Summer Camp 2018 CNY Residence Camp Homestay Camp Day Camp
1 week 7,298 9,438 4,410
2 weeks 12,510 16,180 7,560
3 weeks 17,983 22,248 10,395
4 weeks 21,893 26,967 12,600
5 weeks 26,063 33,708 15,750
6 weeks 31,275 38,428 17,955
7 weeks  36,488 44,833 20,948


  • 20h/week Chinese language class
  • Cultural activities in the afternoon Mon-Fri
  • School day trip on Saturdays
  • Textbooks
  • School lunch
  • A fun, supportive and safe environment
  • Visa support
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • For homestay and residence camp participants breakfast and dinner are included
  • The opportunity to make friends with other students from all over the world

Does not include

  • Airfare
  • Visa expenses
  • Insurance
  • Non camp related expenses

What Our Students Say

Maria Leon-Agard Testimony for LTL
Maria Leon-Agard
New York, NY, USA

My children and I signed up to study as a family with the Summer Camp Program, and it turned out to be one of the greatest things ever. The language is not easy but the instructors are wonderful.

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Maria Leon-Agard Testimony for LTL
Maria Leon-Agard
New York, NY, USA

My name is Maria Leon-Agard. I am from Ecuador but I have lived in New York City for 17 years already. My family (my 2 children and husband) and I came to Beijing to experience the culture and to learn the language mainly.  I came to learn from LTL through an Internet search. I did acquire information about other schools, but I really felt confortable with LTL staff (especially Beth-Anne). She explained to me in detail what was the best program for my family and I, and helped me through the process.


I am not going to lie; I was scared to death of the idea of moving to a different country, culture, food and the most important thing Language.
My children and I signed up to study as a family with the Summer Camp Program, and it turned out to be one of the greatest things ever. The language is not easy (by all means) but the instructors are wonderful. We were assigned two instructors Emma and Felix. Oh boy! Aren’t they great? I thought it was going to be boring and tedious, but was I wrong. We bonded right away. They made the lessons, fun and enjoyable (making you want to learn). After the first week we felt like home. All the LTL staff treats you like part of the family. It is a great feeling specially being away from home. One of the things that I love about this program is that not only you get the lesson from the class, but also you get to practice through out the day with the staff members. They love to talk to you and teach you much more.


Calligraphy masterclassThe Summer Camp Program has activities after class, and you get to experience Beijing in a whole different level. Even the interaction with the other students (all from different parts of the world and ages) is amazing. We all bonded and we even had grandpas and grandmas studying the language. I can go on and on about the great experiences, the new friends we made, and how much mandarin we learned. The only thing I can say is that we loved all of it, and we are coming back next year and the year after that.

Noelie Testimony for LTL
13 years old, Belgium

Living with a Chinese homestay was really fun and good way of learning about Chinese culture. The classes in Beijing were more useful than my course in Belgium because the teachers are more patient

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Noelie Testimony for LTL
13 years old, Belgium

Living with a Chinese homestay was really fun and good way of learning about Chinese culture. So much more interesting than a hotel! I went with the family to Tiananmen Square, shoe shopping and the food was fantastic. The classes in Beijing were more useful than my course in Belgium because the teachers are more patient and I also had a lot more time to revise. The two weeks in Beijing were a lot of fun, even though it is a big city, it always felt really safe  and I cannot think of anything I did not like.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to school?

For residence camp participants your counsellor will walk to and from school with you every day. For homestay campers the family will show you the way to school on your first day. From then on, you will travel to and from the school yourself, just like normal Chinese school children. Beijing is a very safe city, but if you would like to have someone bring you to school and home every day this can also be arranged at an extra cost. In our experience however, this is not necessary.

Can my parents decide on curfews etc.?

Yes, they can. Your parents will be able to set the perimeters of what is ok and what not during your stay in China, including curfews, evening activities, how to get home in the evening etc.

Will I make friends in Beijing?

Our camp is a very close community of young students who want to explore China together. Everyone is very different and you are just as likely to sit next to someone from Russia or Japan as you are to a student from the USA or UK. At our school it does not matter where you are from and it is very easy to connect with others, as everyone is new in this big strange country and eager to meet new people.

Can my parents come too?

Yes, parents are most welcome. We can organise family packages that also include courses and accommodation for parents or other family members. Parents can also join trips and activities at no additional cost.

How do I sign up?

Simply contact us here (link) to let us know when you want to come or ask any questions you might have. You will have a reply in your email inbox within 24 hours, and if you want you can sign up on the same day. If you let us know a bit more about your background, like your current Chinese level, where you are from and how old you are, that can also be useful for us to get things organised quickly.

Note: if you haven’t got a reply within 24 hours, make sure to check your spam folder!

Can I come before the camp or stay afterwards?

Yes, you can and many summer camp participants do so. We can organise individual programs for you before or after the summer camp. Just let us know when and for how long you would like to stay and we will organise accordingly.

What about special dietary requirements?

Both our homestay and residence camp programs can cater to vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or other special dietary requests. Please just make sure to let us know in advance.

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