LTL Mandarin Lessons in Beijing are taught according to each individual student’s needs and requirements. That means your teacher can fully focus on your challenges and tailor the lesson to your needs. Whether it’s improving tones, getting your spoken Mandarin up or studying grammar, every second of the class is designed just for you.

Before you start your course you will do a free Chinese language assessment with our Director of Studies where we will learn more about your Mandarin level, specific requirements and challenges. Based on this we will design an individual study plan for you.

  • Great teachers
  • Individual study plan
  • Rapid language progress
  • Free Assessment
  • Structured & fun lessons
  • Be a part of the LTL Community
  • Our Teachers

    Our Teachers

    Our teachers: the best Mandarin instructors Beijing has to offer
    Experienced: our teachers have at least 5 years of teaching experience
    Certified: hold a BSc or MSc in “Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language”
    Fun & professional: we guide you, while making class fun and interesting

  • Tailored to You

    Tailored to You

    Individual: lessons tailored to your needs and learning speed
    No one size fits all: textbooks, topics and materials chosen just for you
    Free assessment: together with you we will decide what to focus on
    Speed: speed up or slow down the pace according to your needs

  • Our School

    Our School

    Meet people: easy to meet other students at school and school events
    A family: LTL will be your home away from home
    Our Lunch Club: join the LTL lunch club for great food and conversation
    Personal: we are big enough to be professional, yet small enough to care

  • Learn Fast

    Learn Fast

    Quick progress: individual lessons are the fastest way to learn Mandarin
    Intensive: 20 or 30 hours of Mandarin per week will get you ahead fast
    Great value: each Mandarin lesson lasts a full 60 minutes
    Never lose classes: if there is a holiday your classes will be made up

Individual Mandarin Lessons Beijing

For full time students we offer three different individual class programs and you can choose between the Standard Individual, Intensive Individual and the Small Group & Individual program options. The Standard Individual course includes 20 hours of lessons per week, whereas the Intensive Individual course includes 30. The Small Group & Individual course combines 20 hours of our Chinese small group course with 10 hours of individual Mandarin tuition a week.

Your Mandarin program will be specially designed and tailored according to your needs. To better understand what you are looking for our Director of Studies will do a free assessment with you before your course. This can be done via Skype, phone, WhatsApp or in person at our Beijing school. It is not an exam or test, but simply a chat designed to help us to understand your current level, what you are looking for, and what your challenges might be. Based on this we will then design a personal Mandarin study plan, choose an appropriate teacher and study materials for you. All of this will be ready for you on the first day when you start your course in Beijing.

Note: The cost of all textbook and study materials is already included in the course price.

Starting Dates

You can start your individual Chinese course in Beijing on any Monday of the year. It can last for a few weeks, several months or a whole year – this is completely up to you.

Our Chinese teachers

The most important part for a successful Chinese course and learning Mandarin quickly is of course your teacher. For us our teachers are our school’s most important asset and the main reason LTL has done so well during the last decade. Our selection process is accordingly rigorous. To be able to apply for a full time teaching position at LTL, an applicant needs to be a certified Chinese language instructor, speak fluent English and already have significant Chinese teaching experience. Teachers who meet these requirements then will go through a rigorous selection process, including a series of interviews, trial classes and grammar exams followed by a three months trial period where we make sure that our teaching standards are fully met.

While this is quite a long and difficult process, those teachers who make it on our full time teaching team are well paid, fully insured and can develop their teaching career with us long term. We are very proud of the good work conditions we provide our teaching staff with and even prouder that since the founding of LTL very few teachers left our school and all of them did so because they were moving to another city or had started a family and decided to take a break from work. However, as we provide full maternity benefits, most of our teachers come back after having a child to work with us. Check out the “LTL Babies” wall in our school office for a few very cute pictures.

However, we believe all that work is worth it. As a professional Chinese instructor, your teacher will be able to tailor your Mandarin lessons to your individual needs, explain complex grammar concepts clearly and guide you on your Chinese learning journey. Being able to speak fluent English also helps to explain some of the more complex Chinese grammar rules, though we do very much focus on making sure during classes Mandarin is used whenever possible. And of course a good teacher knows how to make a lesson fun and interesting, for example by teaching you a Chinese joke or story to relax when your brain needs a bit of a rest after an intensive Chinese character studying session. There is no better way to learn a language than to enjoy it.

Individual Chinese Course Prices

Below you find the prices for a selection of popular course durations. However, it is possible to study for any other duration you choose to too. You can find the full LTL price list here (link to our full pricing pdf, without year dates)

Course Standard Individual Intensive Individual Small Group & Individual
Duration 20h 1-on-1 30h 1-on-1 20h group & 10h 1-on-1
1 week 4,644 6,966 4,644
2 weeks 8,886 13,327 8,885
3 weeks 12,115  18,173 12,115
4 weeks 15,346 23,019 15,346
5 weeks 18,779 28,168 18,779
6 weeks 22,050  33,075  22,050
7 weeks 25,160  37,739 25,160
8 weeks 28,108 42,161  28,108
9 weeks 30,894  46,341  30,894
10 weeks  33,519 50,279 33,519
11 weeks 35,983  53,974 35,983
12 weeks 38,769 58,154  38,769
13-52 wks +3,231 /wk +4,846 /wk  +3,231 /wk

Minimum duration: one week

Maximum duration: one year

Starting: on any Monday

Textbooks and study materials: included in the price

Additional fees or charges: none

Assessment and course design: free

Visa Invitation: fully available

Registration fee: none

Duration of each 1on1 lesson: 60 minutes

School Location: Beijing Central Business District

Beijing Safari

Discover Beijing in truly unique fashion with our Beijing Safari and take your class out into the open world. Our Safari upgrade gives you the chance to complete day-to-day tasks with your Chinese teacher which include buying and topping up a Metro card, ordering food and bargaining for food.

The class is split into three sections and overall we have 20 different Safari lessons for you to delve into:

1 – Warm up. Your teacher will talk you through the upcoming lesson and teach you all the vocabulary you need.

2 – The Beijing Safari. Now it’s your turn to get stuck in and get chatting to the locals. You may end up on the street markets and grabbing yourself a bargain or perhaps you’ll visit a property agent and discuss housing and rental prices in Beijing. There is plenty to discover in Beijing.

3 – Cool down. You will go through the lesson with your teacher. What did you do well, what could you have done better, what other phrases could you have used? Your teacher will correct you and hopefully you’ll come out of the lesson with a new set of vocabulary to your armour.

Beijing Safari Information

  • These lessons are best for beginners at A1 and A2 level (HSK1 and HSK2)
  • 10 hours a week of your 1 on 1 classes will be upgraded to the Beijing Safari
  • You can upgrade for a maximum of two weeks
  • All purchases you make, you are responsible for

1 week upgrade – 500CNY / 2 week upgrade – 900CNY

Discover Beijing

Learning Chinese in Beijing

Learning Chinese in Beijing

Beijing has a wealth of history to enjoy whichever corner you turn. If you’d like to see this all first hand, whilst learning Chinese then Discover Beijing is just for you.

You will visit some of Beijing’s most famous landmarks and study Mandarin with your Chinese teacher whilst mixing with the locals. What better way to learn Mandarin than out in the open chatting to locals? Beijing has a plethora of incredible sights from the famous Great Wall of China to the Summer Palace and the Forbidden City. How about visiting the incredible Birds Nest Stadium to witness Beijing’s Olympic legacy a decade since the Olympic games all whilst learning Chinese?

  • Suitable for all Chinese levels from A1 to C2 (HSK1 – HSK6)
  • Explore different historic or culturals sight each day of your program
  • 20 hours a week of your 1 on 1 classes will be upgraded to Discover Beijing classes
  • You can upgrade for a maximum of 2 weeks
  • You are responsible for any purchases made during your Beijing Discover classes

1 week upgrade – 1,000CNY / 2 week upgrade – 1,800CNY

What Our Students Say

Christian Lauer Testimony for LTL
Christian Lauer

With individual classes you are at the center of your teachers attention. This can be challenging as it demands that you are always focused, but it is also a great way to truly improve your Chinese.

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Christian Lauer Testimony for LTL
Christian Lauer

For me when choosing a language school it was important that it was IAELC certified, and that it was up front and honest about the prices, LTL had both.

Everything was fine when I arrived. I went straight to the homestay from the airport. The homestay was nice, I had good meals and nice people. It was a little difficult in the beginning as my Chinese was very poor, but that only meant that I had to use my Chinese in everyday life which helped me improve my level faster compared to just taking classes. With individual classes you are at the center of your teachers attention. This can be challenging as it demands that you are always focused, but it is also a great way to truly improve your Chinese.

In addition to learning Mandarin language I combined it with calligraphy classes. The calligraphy was an interesting experience. I’m glad I did it, but in the end I found it not really my thing. The individual classes I took were good, and actually fun. I learned a lot and I got along very well with my teachers.

Kath Stapleton Testimony for LTL
Kath Stapleton
United Kingdom

The teachers are all really well trained in teaching Mandarin to foreigners, and friendly and fun too. My teachers never spoke English is lessons, but tried to expand my vocabulary...

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Kath Stapleton Testimony for LTL
Kath Stapleton
United Kingdom

I am an Economics PhD student in the UK conducting research with a partial focus on China. I have previously lived in China and studied Mandarin in my spare time since, but wanted to push my language skills to a higher level and be able to discuss more technical topics relating to my PhD research.

I therefore decided to spend some of my summer this year studying part-time in Beijing.

Having previously studied Mandarin in a range of environments, I was careful to ensure I would get the most out of my lesson time in Beijing. I have had some fairly inefficient studying experiences, getting stuck in large classes or without teachers who really understood how to teach Mandarin as a foreign language, and really wanted to avoid these. I chose LTL because of their flexibility and their reputation for teaching students at an advanced level. I’m really happy I did so. The teachers are all really well trained in teaching Mandarin to foreigners, and friendly and fun too. My teachers never spoke English is lessons, but tried to expand my vocabulary by explaining everything slowly and clearly in Chinese. They all have really good standardised accents, and strong English skills. They developed a tailored curriculum for me discussing news articles related to the topics I requested. After six weeks I feel like I have become a lot more confident in speaking and writing, and am far more fluent in discussing the economy/global affairs in Chinese now. I have also witnessed how fast new students learn at LTL – and wish I had started off this way.

The school is also a really nice community, and so I felt like I had a network of friends in Beijing from studying there. Overall I would recommend LTL for those looking to improve their Mandarin quickly or to push through their fluency ceiling and get to an advanced level. Even though it’s a bit more expensive, it’s worth the premium for the speed at which you will improve.

Sara Porrari Testimony for LTL
Sara Porrari

I want to say thanks to LTL school, thanks to the staff and thanks to the teachers who, for two months, were my parents. Just as parents would do with their children, LTL held me by the hand

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Sara Porrari Testimony for LTL
Sara Porrari

I’m Sara from Italy and last July I graduated studying foreign languages ​​so that’s why I’m decided to come to Beijing.

I discovered LTL on the internet while I was searching for the best school for learning Chinese. With a simple request of information, in no time I found myself in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and experiencing something truly wonderful.

Sara on the Great Wall of China

Sara on the Great Wall of China

LTL offers a variety of possibilities, and manages to adapt to the language needs of every single student. From the start I was never alone, my point of contact Alex, explained everything to me to put me at ease. He helped me to prepare all necessary documentation.

After arriving in Beijing, my pick-up brought me to my apartment. I chose a large room with private bathroom. My room was beautiful and large. I had a breathtaking view of the city of Beijing.

On the Monday after my arrival I went to school to do my first lesson, the school building was very easy to find. As soon as I opened door of the school, I was very happy to see everything come to life after viewing LTL the internet before. The school is really nice and comfortable. When I’m there I feel at home. School members have became my family in China.

There are several classrooms for group lessons and for 1 to 1 classes. I chose to do lessons 1 to 1, my teacher was Jacqueline. I remember the day of my first lesson. I felt nervous, I could not understand everything she was telling me, and I thought I could not do it. But over time I saw and heard my improvements, because here you have the possibility to practice the language, to live the language.

Sara in Beijing

Sara in Beijing

I studied two hours of lessons per day and studied hard outside of class. The schedules are flexible and I could make up the lost classes simply by reaching agreement with my teacher. Jacqueline is very flexible. The school gave me all the materials needed to study such as grammar books, exercise books, CD’s and so on.

My main goal was to reach HSK4. The teaching method is nothing like the ones I have encountered so far, the lessons with Jacqueline are intense. I spoke only in Chinese (it is crucial if you want to learn a language). Before moving on to the next topic she made sure that all my skills (listening, writing and speaking) were on the same level. We had a continuous interaction, a continuous exchange of information, questions and answers and written topics to get to know each other better and to learn other Chinese characters.

In eight weeks I came a long way. I started from not understanding almost anything to leading my lesson alone! I think that the teaching method really makes the difference. My experience here was perfect to say the least, it seemed they always knew me, and I must thank LTL school, in particular my teacher. Thanks to her I now believe in myself and thanks to her I speak and I understand Chinese.

In addition to the lessons, the school organizes various activities to discover this beautiful city every day. LTL for me was not just a school, it was a bridge that allowed me to get to know new people who I can now call my friends. It allowed me to understand a wonderful culture. It was the right choice for achieve my goals. Even 3,000 miles away from my hometown, it was able to make me feel at home!

Sara with the other LTL staff and students

Sara with the other LTL staff and students

So I want to say thanks to LTL school, thanks to the staff and thanks to the teachers who, for two months, were my parents. Just as parents would do with their children, LTL held me by the hand and taught me to be independent in a city like Beijing!

It seems impossible but in a few weeks I gained the confidence to do anything here, ask for information, take a taxi or order in Chinese! I think that as much as reviews can be useful, some experiences are to be done in person, so do not waste any time, come and live Chinese and let yourself be guided by this wonderful family!


Where do the lessons take place?

All lessons in Beijing are taught at our school in the middle of the Central Business District. Right next to Da Wang Lu subway station (Lines 1 &14) this is the heart of the city, with an almost endless number of restaurants and shops right next door. We have a gym with a swimming pool and football court in our complex, a cinema next door, a basketball court in the university across the road and a huge Walmart supermarket in the complex next to ours. At the same time we are just a short subway ride on Line 1 from the Forbidden City and Beijing old town.

Are there any other costs?

No, there are not! At LTL we don’t have hidden fees, surcharges or other ridiculous costs that you might be charged after signing up. All your study materials and textbooks are already included in the cost of your lessons and you will never be charged any additional fees ever!

Whom would you recommend an individual course for?

Individual Chinese lessons are the best way to learn Chinese fast. However, individual classes of course also cost a bit more than small group classes, so especially at the beginner and beginner intermediate level choosing a small group class and individual classes combination makes a lot of sense. While of course each student is different, a beginner who studied for example a small group & individual course, can expect to be about HSK 4 (B2) level after about 20 weeks.

When should I definitely be taking individual classes?

From intermediate level onwards private lessons are definitely the best way to go. This is because the Chinese skills of students at higher levels are usually very uneven. For example a HSK 4 student from Japan might be able to read a whole book, but struggling with basic conversations while a US expat who lived in China for a long time speaks at HSK 4 level but struggles to write his own name in Mandarin. Both would be classified at a similar level, however their actual abilities are completely different which means that class is almost always to easy for some and too hard for others at the same time. So from approximately HSK 4 onwards progress in group classes becomes very slow and we recommend signing up for individual classes from that level onwards.

How do I sign up?

Just contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we can sign you up straight away. All emails are always replied to within less than 24 hours during working days (usually much faster). You can also have a look at this “How to sign up for an LTL Chinese course” PDF or just send us an email on info@ltl-beijing.com with any questions you might have.

Does the school close during national Chinese holidays?

At LTL you will always get all the Chinese lessons you paid for. So that means if there is a holiday during your course, you will never lose any of these classes. However, as your teacher might have the day off, some of the classes that fall on a holiday might be made up for before or after the holiday. The best times for this you can directly discuss with your teacher.

What if I speak a Chinese dialect or grew up in a partially Mandarin environment?

If you have a family background in Cantonese, Hakka, Hokkien or any other Chinese dialect or maybe grew up speaking some Mandarin for a part of your childhood, the Chinese Heritage Speaker program is perfect for you.

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