Best Coffee Shops in Beijing (for 2022)

Complete Guide to Beijing’s Best Coffee Shops (2022)

Whether you are living here or visiting, it’s important to know the best coffee shops in Beijing so that you can get your daily caffeine fix!

That’s why we’ve put together a list of LTL’s favourite coffee shops so that you can find the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a cup of joe.

Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Moka Bros

Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Cafe Groove

Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Alba Cafe

Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Baker and Spice

Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Bracket Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Soloist Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Da Giuliano

Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Elephant Grounds

Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Green Cow City Cafe

Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – %Arabica

Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Moka Bros Sanlitun

Nestled in Nali Patio is the Sanlitun branch of Moka Bros. They have a great range of coffees, teas, smoothies and other cold beverages.

If tempted they also have some cocktails available and with a happy hour from 4-8pm who wouldn’t be!

Moka Bros Sanlitun

The inside areas is large and spacious with many plugs dotted around, making it a great spot to do some work. They also have outside seating on both sides.

Sat out on the patio side it’s easy to forget that you’re even in Beijing, with the environment feeling more like that of a Mediterranean city.

The food here is also worth mention. With a focus on healthy eating we’d definitely recommend giving their power bowls a try!

With an oat milk alternative available for all coffees and plenty of vegan options on their menu this is one of the best coffee shops in Beijing for vegans.

Address: 1/F, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu

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Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Cafe Groove

Just down the road from Sanlitun Village, this cafe boasts a big, open inside space.

Cafe Groove

One of the best things about this coffee shop is how lovely and airy it is. It stretches out over a very large area with plenty of seating so it never feels too busy.

In summer all the windows are opened up to outside seating to create a feeling of being outside even if you’re sat in.

There are plenty of plug sockets in the cafe making it a another great location if you need to do some work on your laptop.

They have a wide selection of hot and cold drinks, including some delicious frappes that are a good way to cool down when the Beijing summer hits.

Check out the fridges for a great selection of beers and other non-alcoholic drinks too!

Along with drinks there is food available, including sandwiches, pasta and pizza.

Address: 1/F, northwest corner of Tunsanli Mall, 21 Gongti Beilu

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Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Alba Cafe

Cafe Alba

There are a number of lovely coffee shops in the Gulou area and one of our favourites is Alba Cafe.

Located a short walk east from Houhai, this coffee shop is a perfect spot for all occasions.

Whether you want brunch, dinner or just a coffee the relaxed atmosphere makes it a great location for a catch up with friends.

One of the best things about this cafe is the very reasonable prices.

Their food is quite a bit lower than other similar cafes, and the price of drinks aren’t bad either.

Top Tip: In summer we recommend heading up to their rooftop terrace to enjoy a drink while looking out over the Beautiful Beijing hutongs.

Address: 70 Gulou Dongdajie

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Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Baker and Spice

Very close to Liangmaqiao Metro Station is the Beijing location for what has to be one of the best bakery chains in all of China: Baker and Spice.

Baker and Spice

Here you can find some of the most authentic bread, cakes and other baked goods in all of Beijing.

Some of the items on their menu and their layout may look a little familiar as they are also the sister company of Wagas, whose branches you might have spotted around Beijing.

Baker and Spice has a much larger array of baked treats available, serving as a bakery as well as a cafe. Whether you want to buy a loaf of bread, a sweet treat or perhaps pastry for breakfast, here they have it all.

They have a big inside space, with big windows on two sides making it bright and refreshing. The outside seating at the front is a nice little sun trap in summer.

We would recommend giving their brunch menu a try!

Address: F111, Grand Summit, 19 Dongfang Dong Lu

NOTE – There isn’t a specific Google Map listing for Baker and Spice, but it is in the same mall complex as this bank branch. It’s at the front on the first floor.

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Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Bracket Coffee

Just west of Sanlitun Village, right in front of the Worker’s Stadium is this great coffee shop.

Made up of three floors and in summer an additional rooftop terrace this is definitely the biggest coffee shop in Beijing on our list.

Bracket Coffee

Each floor has a different layout and atmosphere so that you can choose which level suits the mood you’re in the most.

Although this is more on the expensive side, their coffee is certainly worth it, having some of the best quality coffee available in Beijing.

There is a real focus on artisan coffee and they have a great range of different coffee blends.

Along with the coffee they also have some lovely sweet treats and sandwiches on offer if you’re feeling peckish.

Address: Building 3, Gongti North Gate, Gongti Beilu

NOTE – Bracket Coffee doesn’t seem to have a Google listing so this map takes you to Gongti Stadium. Bracket Coffee is located at the North Gate just next to Mix Club on the map.

Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Soloist Coffee

On the west edge of the Taikooli shopping area in Sanlitun is this lovely artisan coffee shop.

Soloist has its own unique charm, with a quirky, hipster style giving it a real vintage feel.


You could easily spend hours here enjoying a coffee and taking in the little oddities dotted around.

A large outside seating area also makes it a perfect spot for summer.

Aside from the decor, the star of the show here is the amazing coffee on offer.

They have numerous varieties of speciality coffee, although these do come with a higher price tag.

We would really recommend spending that extra cash and getting one of their steep brews.

Their food menu isn’t overly extensive but there are some nice brunch items available as well as sandwiches and salads and a few cakes for those people with a sweet tooth.

Address: S3-18 Taikoo Li South, 19 Sanlitun Lu

NOTE – This branch of Soloist doesn’t have a Google listing so you can go to the location below and Soloist is located just North from here, further up the same road.

Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Da Giuliano

In the heart of the embassy district you’ll find this beautiful pasticceria.

Da Giuliano

If you’re unfamiliar with the name, a pasticceria is an Italian pastry shop.

As the name suggests they have rows upon rows of delicate little pastries on offer such as eclairs, tartlets and squares of spongecake.

Stepping inside this coffee shop the white marble surroundings will make you feel like you’ve been transported to Italy.

As well as the sweet treats, they of course also have a good selection of coffees and other cold drinks, which of course include the famous Aperol Spritz!

With plenty of inside and outside seating this is a great place to enjoy at anytime of year. At Christmas you’re even able to get some Italian festive favourites such as panettone.

Due to its location it’s a favourite with embassy workers who you’ll often see out enjoying a coffee and small treat on their lunch break.

Address: 1 Sanlitun Beixiaojie

Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Elephant Grounds

Located in Taikooli is the popular coffee chain Elephant Ground’s first Chinese mainland branch.

From the outside this coffee shop immediately stands out with its eye-catching wooden exterior. Inside is just as beautiful as outside, with more wooden decor creating a very naturalistic feel which isn’t often seen in the modern Taikooli mall.

Elephant Grounds

They have an extensive list of coffees with speciality brews available for those coffee enthusiasts among you.

They also have a great selection of teas and cold drinks available.

In keeping with the hipster theme there are also craft beers available.

Along with the drinks there is quite a wide range of food available, including some delicious donburi (Japanese rice bowls), although these are a little on the expensive side.

The other must try at this coffee shop is their artisan ice cream which comes in unique flavours such as pina colada and coffee mocha fudge.

Address: Door S5-15, 1/F, 19 Sanlitun Courtyard, Building 5, Taikoo Li

Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – Green Cow City Cafe

Northeast of Chaoyang Park is this amazing hideen gem, Green Cow City Cafe.

All sourced from the Green Cow Organic Farm in Shunyi, this coffee shop has some of the freshest food and drinks in Beijing.

Green Cow City Cafe

The number one must try at this place is their homemade bagels which may be the best bagels in Beijing.

We’d recommend trying the classic smoked salmon and cream cheese or if you’re looking for something a bit more unusual the pizza bagels are truly delicious.

To wash down your bagel, they have some lovely coffees on offer and some great milkshakes too.

If you fancy an alcoholic drink they have some speciality beers and organic house wines.

Inside, the cafe has a rustic feel with some great quirky decorations and plenty of seating. The outside courtyard is also lovely in summer and a great spot to soak up some rays.

Address: Building 3, Third Street, Jiuxianqiao (It’s behind the green gate)

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Best Coffee Shops in Beijing – %Arabica

Last on our list is %Arabica which is another coffee shop located in Taikooli.

This is the latest edition of Japanese brand %Arabica in Beijing and has already become a very popular edition to the Beijing coffee scene.


The decor inside this great coffee shop is very minimalist giving it a really relaxed atmosphere. The area is very spacious and there is plenty of seating, a whole wall of windows also make is a great place to sit back and enjoy a bit of people watching.

They take their coffee seriously here and have a delicious range of speciality coffees. They also have both soy and oat milk available making this coffee shop another great choice for vegans.

Their selection of non coffee drinks is quite limited, so this is really only a spot for those coffee lovers out there!

If you can’t get enough of the coffee here you can even buy bags of coffee beans to take home with you.

Address: S2-13B, No 19 Sanlitun Road

And there you have it, LTL’s list of favourite coffee shops in Beijing.

If you have a favourite coffee shop that we haven’t included but think people should know about feel free to comment below!

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Coffee Shops in Beijing – FAQ’s

Are there Starbucks in Beijing?

Yes, there are loads actually.

Starbucks is located all over Beijing and throughout China’s bigger cities so you are never far away from one.

Do people like drinking coffee in China?

Yes, the coffee shop culture in China is vast.

Although Chinese also love to drink bubble tea, there is still a huge, huge market for coffee in China.

Are there many foreign coffee brands in China?

Yes there are many foreign brands in China.

Starbucks, Costa, Pacific Coffee to name just a few.

How do you say Coffee in Chinese?

Coffee in Chinese is 咖啡 Kāfēi.

Is Luckin’ Coffee popular in China?

Yes, Luckin’ is hugely popular in China given the fact it is cashless.

You order through your phone and pick-up it so there is no need to queue. We made a video of how to order Luckin’ in China here.

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