Top 12 Best Chinese Podcasts You Should Be Listening To (in 2022)

Chinese Podcasts // 12 You Should Listen To Immediately (in 2022)

Listen up! Listen up! Chinese Podcasts and everything audio-related have gotten significantly more popular.

The growth of podcasts can certainly say something about today’s society in which people have increasingly less and less time for reading and hobbies.

Chinese podcasts

But, having said all of that, we cannot ignore that podcasts are a convenient (or should we say 方便) and fun way of learning new things.

In this blog post we will talk about interesting China podcasts, meaning podcasts on Chinese culture, language, history, economics, even bar culture (yes, yes, you read that correctly).

After all, we should take advantage of every opportunity to learn new things, right?

So let’s get started. In this blog post, we are going to talk about the following Chinese podcasts:

Best Chinese Podcasts #1 | The Little Red Podcast

Best Chinese Podcasts #2 | The NüVoicesPodcast

Best Chinese Podcasts #3 | The China Characters podcast

Best Chinese Podcasts #4 | B-Side China podcast

Best Chinese Podcasts #5 | Environment China

Best Chinese Podcasts #6 | The Sinica Podcast

Best Chinese Podcasts #7 | The China in Africa podcast

Best Chinese Podcasts #8 | Bottled in China

Best Chinese Podcasts #9 | Node Worthy

Best Chinese Podcasts #10 | ChinaEconTalk

Best Chinese Podcasts #11 | Chinese Literature Podcast

Best Chinese Podcasts #12 | Mandarin with Nana


Best Chinese Podcasts | FAQ’s

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Chinese Radicals | Unlock Their Potential and Crack The Code (FREE PDF, Poster AND Quiz Included)

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Chinese Podcast #1 The Little Red Podcast

The Little Red Podcast is a really interesting podcast which provides – as they themselves say – “fresh, expert takes on China that go beyond the obvious”. And they do!

They talk about many interesting topics, such as China’s obsession with cartography and the politics of cartography, or vanishing archives and the fact that researchers have less and less access to historical archives.

You can also find out everything about the connection of China and sea cucumbers. Sea cucumber smuggling rings?

Yes, that really exists! Enjoy!

Chinese Podcast #2 The NüVoices Podcast

In their own words, NüVoices is an “international editorial collective gathering veteran and emerging writers, journalists, translators and artists to celebrate and support the diverse creative work of self-identified women working on the subject of China (broadly defined)”.


They gather veteran journalists, researchers, translators, editors, basically all people of all genders interested in topics such as China and gender.

In their online magazine NüStories they publish research articles, shorter articles, longform narratives on multiple topics.

They also launched a bimonthly podcast which “regularly features women’s and minorities’ voices on a range of topical issues” and their first podcast on news assistants in China is especially interesting!

Nüshu – The Secret Script of Chinese Women Thumbnail

Nüshu – The Secret Script of Chinese Women

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You can subscribe to their podcast on iTunes or Overcast and if you are interested in other topics about feminism, you can check out our posts on famous, badass women in Chinese history or the history of International Women’s Day in China!

Chinese Podcast #3 Chinese Characters by BBC Radio 4

The Chinese Characters podcast produced by BBC Radio 4 is no longer being produced, but you can still access their podcast archive.

The podcast deals with Chinese history through the stories of famous people.

You can listen to a podcast about the “fastests pair of fists in East Asia” Bruce Lee, Deng Xiaoping, a politician who was very important in opening of the Chinese economy, or Xi Jinping who needs no introductions.

Chinese Podcast #4 B-Side China Podcast

B-Side China podcast offers a different spin (pun intended) on Chinese culture and art.

Instead of focusing on stereotypes about China, they wish to offer a fresh and new perspective on today’s China and youth culture. So listen up and take notes.

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Motivation to Learn a Language 💪 A Guide to Staying Strong

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Chinese Podcast #5 Environment China

Environment China

Environment China is Beijing Energy Network’s bilingual podcast, so in addition to getting informed, you can also practice you Chinese.

In the podcast they talk to environmentalists, advocates, experts, in short, anyone who could offer their point of view on these important and complex topics.

And bearing in mind the global climate crisis and the growing importance of China, it is becoming more and more clear that China will play an important role in future dialogue.

Chinese Podcast #6 The Sinica Podcast

Sinica, which was established in 2010, is a pioneer in the field.

Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn have covered a myriad of topics – from managing trade with China to the 40 years of reform and opening, and nature conservancy in China.

If you are interested in topics like these, you should also check out SupChina’s other podcasts like Middle Earth, TechBuzz China and ChinaEcon Talk.

Yes, yes, we know, just checking the SupChina page you might fall into the podcast abyss and never come back. But be brave and patient, a new world of information awaits you!

Great Firewall of China 🔥 Websites Banned in China (2022 Edition) Thumbnail

Great Firewall of China 🔥 Websites Banned in China (2022 Edition)

Websites Banned in China (for 2021). Find out about Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, YouTube, Instagram and more. Are they all blocked in China?

Chinese Podcast #7 The China in Africa Podcast

The China in Africa podcast is a weekly podcast focused on, as the name itself says, the relationship of China and Africa.

We all know about the Belt and the Road, the new Chinese expansion into Africa, as well as Central Asia and the rest of the world, actually. It is no secret that China invests a lot in African countries and sees them as important partners. 

In their own words, China in Africa project is “an independent non-profit, non-paristan multimedia initiative dedicated to exploraing all facets of Chinese engagement in Africa”.

Brand New Beijing Airport - Welcome to Beijing Daxing Airport Thumbnail

Brand New Beijing Airport – Welcome to Beijing Daxing Airport

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Their podcast deals with a lot of intereting topics, from the growing number of Chinese people living in Africa and the problems they deal with to the Belt and the Road Inititative.

They also have a website, a YouTube channel and a weekly email newsletter.

Chinese Podcast #8 Bottled in China

Bottled in China - Chinese Podcasts

In their own words, Bottled in China “brings you into Asia’s food and drink scene through conversations with the some of the most happening personalities”.

The show host is Emilie Steckenborn, and her best episode so far actually takes place in Taiwan!

So if you’re into wine, food, beer and spirits (hey, who isn’t?!), check them out!

Chinese Menus Explained 🍜 How to Read a Chinese Menu + The Complete Cheat Sheet Thumbnail

Chinese Menus Explained 🍜 How to Read a Chinese Menu + The Complete Cheat Sheet

Chinese Menus. How to read them, how to decode them? Not so easy right? Well with our FREE Chinese Menu cheat sheet and tips, you’ll have no problems!

Chinese Podcast #9 Node Worthy

Node Worthy is the official podcast of TechNode, a site which covers everything tech – and startups-related in China.

They have their own podcast, and even though they haven’t updated their site in a couple of months, we are sure you will find some interesting stuff on their site.

So, if tech is your thing, give them a try!

Chinese Podcast #10 China EconTalk

Chinese economy is a very interesting topic. As the second largest economy in the world, after the United States of America, China is a fast-growing and developing country.

If you are interested in state planning, business, economic reforms and the opening of China, this podcast is perfect for you!

From China tech policy and competition to fentanyl, China and the opiod crisis – this podcast covers a whole range of extremely interesting topics.

Chinese Podcast #11 Chinese Literature Podcast

A book and a cup of coffee on a sunny day – what more does a person need?

First of all, how do they describe their podcast?

“We began recording this podcast in 2015 as a way to open up the field of Chinese Literary studies to a podcasting audience.” Lee Moore and Robert (Rob) Moore who are working on the podcast are both working of their PhD theses in China studies. So that means they know a lotabout the subject (or at least they can pretend).

And the topics they cover are really cool – from Chinese manga, toxic masculinity in Chinese literature to Classical Chinese pornographic literature (yeah, you read that right!).

What else is left to say except – enjoy!

REVEALED 🈶 The 100 Most Common Chinese Characters Thumbnail

REVEALED 🈶 The 100 Most Common Chinese Characters

Learn the top 100 most common Chinese characters super fast. Download our PDF, watch our short video, take our quiz. Learn from the Mandarin experts.

Chinese Podcast #12 Mandarin with Nana

Mandarin with Nana are short snippets which make this entry an incredibly appealing one.

We discovered Nana on Instagram and discovered her 2-5 minute podcasts in which she talks about a variety of topics which include:

A host of relevant topics which come up i day to day conversations in China.

She speaks at a good pace and what’s more, Nana provides transcripts of all her content on her Patreon which is well worth considering.

She also has her own website with blog and runs an Instagram page so she puts in a lot of work to help Mandarin language students.

Highly recommended for quick listening.

Bonus Podcasts

A couple more for you before we depart to let you listen away.

OK, OK, I know it is not directly related to China (although they touch upon China-related topics connected with Russia and Eurasia), but Sean’s Russia Blog podcast is an extremely interesting blog and podcast for all those interested in the Russia (and the former Soviet Union), Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

As we already mentioned, in their blog and podcast, they often touch upon the topic of China, Sino-Soviet relations and communism.

And finally… we have to give a shoutout to our very own podcast of course!

Run by our Marketing Team, we will talk about a large range of topics, from how to order coffee and where to find the best Biang biang mian, to just talking about the weather and the last slang we just learned in Chinese.

We’ve got plenty of episodes live, but here’s two for you below, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Chinese Podcasts – FAQ’s

Can I learn Chinese listening to podcasts?

Absolutely, this is a great way to learn Chinese either on the move, relaxing after work, or even at the gym.

How do you say podcast in Chinese?

Podcast in Chinese is 播客 Bòkè.

What are the best podcasts to learn Chinese?

There are so many to choose from but these are our favourites.

Do LTL Mandarin School have a podcast?

We do indeed, you can listen and subscribe on Soundcloud here.

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