Chinese Semester Beijing

Join LTL for a full academic semester in Beijing and study the Chinese language for 18 weeks. You will join a small and intimate group of students where you will learn speaking, listening, reading and writing Mandarin.

The small nature of the classes means your progression when studying Mandarin will be much quicker than at a University or college.

School Trip to China - Spring 2019

  • Study Mandarin abroad
  • Chinese Semester Beijing – 18 week program
  • Great value semester package
  • Fixed course starting dates
  • Meet students from around the world
  • Expert and fully qualified teachers
  • 24/7 support from LTL Staff

Our expert teachers will get your Chinese ahead fast. All our teachers go through a rigorous hiring process.

LTL Teachers all have years of experience and know-how when teaching foreigners Mandarin. Rest assured you’ll be in safe hands at LTL Mandarin School.

  • Comprehensive Mandarin Semester

    Comprehensive Mandarin Semester

    18 weeks – Intensive Chinese Lessons every week
    4 hours a day – Learn Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening
    Small classes – Average class size of 3, maximum of 6
    Speedy progression – Use your Mandarin in and out of school

  • Become a part of the LTL Family

    Become a part of the LTL Family

    Lunch Club – Everyday we order in and share lunch
    Weekly Events – We set up events to allow you to explore Beijing
    International – Make new friends from all over the World
    Support – We are here for you 24/7, just come and talk to us

  • Much more than a University Semester

    Much more than a University Semester

    Achieve – Beginner students usually reach HSK4, sometimes 4 in a semester Service – We are personal, each and every student matters
    Community – We are tight knit, from students to teachers to staff
    Never miss out – All missed classes are made up

  • Get what you pay for

    Get what you pay for

    Discount – Big savings compared to other courses
    Accommodation – Well priced options to choose from
    Materials – All text books and study materials included in the price
    Classes – 55 minutes per class, most universities offer 45 minutes

Chinese Semester in Beijing

Studying abroad in China is a rewarding and incredible experience and we offer a semester experience like no other.

The Semester in China program gives you all the tools you need to help achieve fluency in Mandarin.

You will attend our school Monday to Friday for four hours per day. Our expert teachers will help you master the tones, teach you useful vocabulary and sentence structure that can generally lead to HSK 3 progression after one semester.

Students who return for a further academic semester have every chance of achieving fluency in Mandarin within a year. Our semester in Beijing program is available from complete beginner, up to HSK3 (B1) level. For the next level up check out our small group and one to one classes.

Be a Part of LTL Mandarin School

Chinese Semester Beijing – Dates and Pricing

Within this price you receive the following:

Semester 2020/2021 Date Price
Spring Semester ’20 10th Feb. 2020 – 12th Jun. 2020 26,744 CNY
Fall Semester ’20 21st Sep. 2020 – 22nd Jan. 2021 26,744 CNY
Spring Semester ’21 8th Feb. 2021 – 11th Jun. 2021 26,744 CNY
Fall Semester ’21 20th Sep. 2021 – 21st Jan. 2022 26,744 CNY
  • All Chinese Tuition
  • Textbooks and Learning Materials
  • The 24/7 Support of the LTL Staff
  • Student visa support
  • Access to the LTL Social Program

Accommodation in Beijing and flights to China are not included in the China Semester Program price.

What Our Students Say

Alana  Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The Chinese Semester Program is fantastic for absolute beginners and those with a minimal knowledge of Chinese. Each day of studying Chinese is satisfying and rewarding because the results."

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Marco Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Alwin and Serena were my teachers at LTL. They challenge you to understand written Chinese. By reading and translating, you repeat all the characters and develop a feeling for the grammar structures."

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Tereza Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

When I first came to LTL, three days before the official beginning of my lessons, I saw a modern, beautiful and a bright language school. So here I am. After two months of doing something I love, in a place I love even more.

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Vera  Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"When starting school at LTL I had zero knowledge of Chinese, and also with a very low level of English. This added to the challenge for me and I feel helped me improve quicker because I did not speak in English"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all students on the Chinese Semester Program beginners?

Many of the students are indeed beginners but not all. You will be placed in a class most suited to your level. If you’ve studied the Chinese language before you will speak to our Director of Studies and have a personal assessment to gauge what your level of Mandarin is. You will be placed in a class accordingly.

Is progress that much quicker than if I studied Chinese at University or College?

It really is. We have first class teachers, a small but tight community and small classes. Rolled into one the benefits are huge compared to attending a course at university. Class sizes are big and there is generally not a personal feel as many students are managed by one tutor. The service and help you receive will be much more personal at LTL than at a university or a college.

Will I become fluent in after a single Chinese semester?

A lot depends on how much you put in. 18 weeks is a very short time to become fluent. We find that students with a strong drive and determination to learn the language can achieve fluency after two semesters. A fair level to achieve after 18 weeks is HSK3. Be aware that staying with a Homestay can speed this process up further.

What are my accommodation options?

We have a couple of accommodation options available to you. You can stay in one of our Shared Apartments with other LTL Students or you can stay with a Chinese family in our Homestays. It’s worth noting students that choose the latter generally progress quicker when studying Mandarin. Homestays will only speak in Mandarin and this will be of huge benefit to your language skills in the long run.

Is there much to do outside of class?

Absolutely. First and foremost, your classmates more often than not become your friends. In many cases friends for life. There is a wealth of activity to discover in Beijing and we help that further by organised weekly events which can range from a host of things from scouring through the local Markets for a bargain, to going for Dinner at one of the many famed restaurants in Beijing. You will not be bored in Beijing.

How do I apply for the Visa?

Visit our Beijing Visa page for more details regarding applying for the Visa.

Where do I sign up for the Semester in China Program?

Get in touch with us and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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