Take Chinese classes in Beijing in the evenings, early mornings or at weekends at our centrally located school in Beijing’s Central Business District. Our small group classes have an average of three and never more than six students. Since they’re fun and interactive, they’ll help you to learn Chinese quickly. Lessons are taught by fully-accredited and experienced LTL Chinese language teachers in bright, modern class rooms at our school on the 30th floor of the Sunshine 100 Building.

If you’d prefer to study in a group during the day, have a look at our full time Chinese courses in Beijing.

  • Expert, fully qualified teachers
  • Morning, Evening and Weekend classes
  • Small groups averaging three people
  • Maximum class size of six
  • Flexible durations
  • Quick Chinese progress at LTL
  • Beijing’s best Chinese teachers

    Beijing’s best Chinese teachers

    Professional: Accredited and professional Chinese teachers
    Fun: Enjoy studying Mandarin together with your classmates
    Interactive: Practice your spoken Chinese during class
    Streamed: Classes at your language level

  • Learn! Quickly! Now!

    Learn! Quickly! Now!

    Flexible: Choose the times and duration that fits your schedule
    Quick language progress: Motivated teachers make the difference
    Talk to us now on WeChat: Add “maria_ltl” or 18410181078
    The best Chinese classes in Beijing: Professional, experienced, reliable

  • Great service

    Great service

    Study Plan: we help you to create a study plan and set goals

    Personal: Let your student advisor help you with study techniques

    We speak English too: Let us support you in your language of choice
    Easy payment: WeChat, AliPay, bank transfer, cash – whatever you want

  • Affordable


    Save money: Studying in a group is cheaper than individual classes

    Free assessment: Comes with a FREE Chinese language assessment
    Study online: The FREE LTL online Chinese kit
    Competitive prices: Great quality at a fair price

Our Mandarin Teachers

When learning Chinese, it is the teachers that make all the difference. We know that it is our teaching team that has made LTL so successful over the last few years. At LTL we do not employ Chinese tutors, but only fully-accredited and full-time professionals with years of teaching experience and a passion for Mandarin. A good teacher will make a class fun, while keeping it on track to ensure fast language progress. They’ll have a genuine interest in helping students to improve and be able to find the balance between following the curriculum and tackling the individual challenges of each student in the class. And that is what we do – you can see for yourself during class.


We offer morning, evening and weekend part-time classes for professionals who want to study before or after work. You choose which class schedule fits your timetable best and also add additional private Chinese classes if you wish. You can choose any program duration from 6 weeks to 12 or more weeks.

Let Maria help you

After graduating with a BSc in Teaching Mandarin as a Foreign Language from Tianjin Teaching University, Maria Gao 高媛 worked as a Chinese teacher for 10 years and has helped countless learners of the language to achieve their aims. Today, she creates the personal study plans for LTL students, starting with personal language assessments. She also gives advice to students throughout their program – from what textbooks to use, to how to get those tones finally right. If you are interested in taking Chinese classes in Beijing with LTL, add Maria on WeChat, call her on 184 1018 1078 or email maria@livethelanguage.cn

Starting Dates

Evening Classes Morning Classes Weekend Classes
Start Date Jan. 22/23, 2018 Jan. 22/23, 2018 Jan. 29, 2018
Level A0, A1, A2, B1 A0, A1, A2, B1 A0, A1, A2, B1
Schedule Every Tue & Thu (3h/wk)


Every Mon, Wed & Fri (4.5h/wk)

Every Tue & Thu (3h/wk)


Every Mon, Wed & Fri (4.5h/wk)

Saturday (3h/wk)
Time 7 – 8:30pm 8 – 9:30am 9 – 12pm
Duration 1.5 hours per lesson
Length of Course 6, 8, 10, 12 or 24 weeks

PLEASE NOTE – If you wish to study full time with LTL Beijing we have a intensive programs where you can study Chinese for at least 4 hours everyday, leading to 20 hours of Chinese study a week. Visit our full time Chinese programs.

Subject to availability it is possible to sign up for a class at any time. Contact us now to book your place in a group or arrange your free language assessment.


Length of Course Total Price 3h (CNY) Total Price 4.5h (CNY)
6 weeks 1,530 2,295
8 weeks 1,920 2,880
10 weeks 2,250 3,375
12 weeks 2,520 3,780
24 weeks 5,040 7,560

What our students say

Zoe Stephens Testimony for LTL
Zoe Stephens
United Kingdom

"LTL did not disappoint! They were extremely flexible with my not-so-flexible work schedule, and I was even able to join onto a course half-way through."

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Zoe Stephens Testimony for LTL
Zoe Stephens
United Kingdom

I had recently moved to China and wanted to kick-start my Chinese language learning, mainly concentrating on speaking and practical use. LTL did not disappoint! They were extremely flexible with my not-so-flexible work schedule, and I was even able to join onto a course half-way through.

Enjoying a few drinks in Beijing

Enjoying a few drinks in Beijing

This was a group course, but often it turned out that I was the only student, so I also got some great one-on-one practice with my lovely teacher, Lucy. I only attended class 2 times a week of an evening, but I felt my language, and most importantly my confidence  with the Chinese language improved greatly. 

Lucy structured lessons based on life in Beijing, and she would structure learning materials around my level. Despite my basic level, we would also only ever speak in Chinese (when possible!) meaning it was great language immersion. By the end of it, we became good friends and I didn’t want the lessons to be over! 

I hope to go back to the school in a few more months time for another language boost. 

Zoe and her LTL friends accompany Teacher Lucy out in Beijing

Zoe and her LTL friends accompany Teacher Lucy out in Beijing


Where will the classes take place?

All LTL group classes in Beijing take place at our school in the Central Business District, next to DaWangLu subway station (lines 1 and 14). DaWangLu is one stop from GuoMao (the World Trade Centre), a 15 minute taxi ride from Sanlitun and a short distance from Chaoyang Park, 798, the Lido area or WangJing with line 14. Our school is less than 500m from the subway station. The exact address is:

Guanghua Rd. 2, Sunshine 100, Bldg. C #2910
Tel: + 86 (0) 10 5100 1269

What happens if I miss a class?

If you cannot make it to a lesson, your teacher will let you know the materials that were covered during class and which exercises you should complete before your next class to make sure you are at the same level as everyone else. If you have to miss a longer stretch of classes, it is possible to purchase a limited amount of dedicated 1-on-1 catch up classes at a very special rate of 100 CNY / hour.

Do you offer classes during the daytime too?

Of course we do. Please have a look at our full time Chinese group classes page

Can I just try it out?

No. A class is a group of students studying and facing the challenges of the Chinese language together. For us, the dynamic between students is very important and we value our student community. Having someone just turn up for a day to sit in a class who then might not continue interrupts other students’ progress and study rhythm.

How do I know which group is suitable for me?

Before you start your class, your Student Advisor will do an individual Chinese language level assessment with you. This is not an exam, test or anything else to get worried about, but only to help us to understand your current language level and let you know which group fits your level.

How many students are there in a class?

We have an average of three and guaranteed maximum number of six students per class.

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