Learn Chinese in Beijing while living with a homestay family at a discounted price for teaching them six hours of English per week.

This is a great option if you are on a budget, but still want a homestay experience. You will have your own room, including half board and the whole family experience.

A teach English homestay gives you the opportunity to live with a Chinese family and save money while studying Mandarin.

  • Live with a Chinese family
  • Teach English in China
  • Study Mandarin at LTL School
  • Save money
  • Includes breakfast and dinner
  • All bills & WIFI included

Teaching six hours of English per week at home still allows plenty of time for exploring Beijing and working on your Mandarin skills.

Teach English homestays are especially popular at LTL Mandarin School Shanghai, but can also be offered in Beijing.

Live with a family

Home – the warm fuzzy feeling of living with a real family
Culture – experience Chinese culture first hand
Food – amazing home cooked Chinese food every day
Social – get connected with Chinese society and make friends

The apartments

Own room – you will have your own private room
Modern – you will be living in a modern Chinese apartment
All inclusive – prices include WIFI, heating, air con and other bills
Distance – A little further away than normal homestays

The English teaching

Only 6 Hours – A week of English to a family member
Class times – you will tutor English on weekends or after school
English Level – Native or near native level
The Teaching – you don’t need to hold a teaching qualification

Learn Mandarin

Practice – use what you learned during your Chinese classes
Your Chinese course – study small group or 1-on-1
Take the HSK – challenge yourself and proof your Chinese level
One Student / One Family: you will be the only guest

The English Teaching

You will be given a weekly schedule when to teach. This will of course always be outside your own class times.

However, it also means that you might have to adjust some of your after school and weekend plans a bit to fit the teaching schedule.

If your student agrees it can be possible to adjust the teaching times, but this depends on your student’s availability and you will have to be a bit flexible. All classes will be taught at your homestay family and you don’t need to prepare any materials in advance.

Whom you will teach will depend on the family, but quite often it is a child or teenager that needs additional support for its English classes.

Differences to Normal Homestays

Teach English homestays can sometimes be a bit further away from school – up to an hour travel time – than normal LTL homestays.

Also there will always be at least one family member who has some kind of motivation to learn English.

This means that while you are of course never obliged to speak English outside of teaching hours, it might not be as ideal a Chinese language immersion environment compared to a normal homestay.

If you enjoy teaching English and/or are on a very tight budget this is a great option. For the fastest Mandarin learning progress however, a normal homestay or Chinese immersion program is more effective.

Teach English in China – What They Said

Prices (Chinese Yuan)

DurationStandard HomestayTeach English Homestay
1 week2,9351,467
2 weeks5,6982,850
3 weeks8,2984,149
4 weeks10,7445,372
5 weeks13,0356,520
6 weeks15,1867,596
7 weeks17,2068,603
8 weeks19,0889,544
9 weeks20,85310,422
10 weeks22,49011,250
11 weeks24,02412,012
12 weeks25,44012,720
13-52 wks+2,120 / wk+1,060 / wk
extra night489 / night245 / night


  • Your private room, with desk and wardrobe
  • All bills, including heating, air-con and WIFI
  • Half board: breakfast and dinner included
  • Maximum one hour travel time to the school – often less
  • Living with a real Chinese family
  • Opportunity to learn how to teach English

Like all LTL Chinese courses and accommodation options you can book a Teach English Homestay for any duration you want, including before or after your Chinese course in Beijing.

Here are some popular sample durations, please check our Chinese courses and accommodation pricing PDF for all LTL prices.


How does the first week work?

With the jet lag, new culture and different language the first few days in Beijing can sometimes be quite intense. Your family might postpone your first few hours of teaching English until you are more settled in. However, please make sure that you do make up all these classes as soon as possible and you might have to adjust your after school activities time table a bit for this.

Should I bring a present?

While you of course do not have to, bringing a present from your home country is always a good way to start the relationship. Anything that is special about your home country and cannot easily be bought in China, like souvenirs or food can be a good idea.

How much English do I need to know?

You need to either be a native speaker or a very fluent English learner. We will assess your English level before accepting you into the program. If you are not certain whether you are a very high level English speaker then we suggest to look into other accommodation options.

How will I do my laundry?

There will be a laundry machine at the homestay which you can use. Sometimes the family might do your laundry for you as well.

Do I need to bring my own bed sheets?

Linen and bed sheets will be provided by the family. Unless you have some specific products or brands you need, there is really no need for you to bring any of these things with you. You can purchase whatever you need in daily supplies and hygiene articles in China and save yourself the trouble of carrying it all with you on a plane. There is a huge Walmart megastore very close to our Beijing school where you can find anything from towels and tooth brushes to food and clothes.

How will I get to school?

Your family will show you the way to school on the first day.

Will there be enough food?

Oh yes there will be! Our homestay families are known for their large portions and delicious food. Be ready to miss and crave for real homemade Chinese food for many years after you returned home.

Will I be able to speak Mandarin at home?

Yes of course you will. The normal language of communication in any Chinese home in Beijing of course is Mandarin. As there is at least one family member trying to learn English though, you will not be as completely immersed into the Chinese language as you would with a normal homestay.

When do Chinese families usually eat dinner?

Normal dinner time in China is between 6:30 and 7pm. Usually a meal will consist of several meat and vegetable dishes, rice or noodles and there will always be plenty to eat.

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