Coming to China to learn Mandarin can appear daunting and although there will be hurdles to overcome we are here to make the transition as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

You’ll most likely arrive in China over a weekend and start Mandarin Classes on Monday.

We recommend arriving on the Sunday before your lessons start. Due to this you will most likely have to overcome a bout of jet lag. The obvious language barrier, getting your money sorted and getting used to the culture are other challenges but these are there to be relished and conquered. We take all of these issues into account to provide you with first class service from the moment you step off the plane at Beijing.

We’ve therefore put together a survival kit that takes the stress out of certain tasks in your early days in China. Ultimately, you are here to learn Chinese, make friends and have a great time.

Two students taking a selfie on the Great Wall

Please do make sure you discuss and purchase your Survival Kit before you arrive. Once you’ve started your program we cannot provide this package. They are designed for pre-arrival.

Beijing Survival Kit – Standard Package

Let’s break down what exactly is included in the Standard Survival Kit package when you arrive in Beijing:

  • Airport or Train Station Pick Up – Our driver will take you from the Airport straight to your accommodation. No stress.
  • Police Registration Help – All foreigners are required to register with their local police station within 24 hours of arrival. We can help you with this.
  • Bank assistance – Rules are constantly changing in China, and of course nobody knows what they will be when you arrive. We will tell you which bank currently has the most favourable policies at the moment.
    • We cannot guarantee we’ll be able to open a bank account for you, but we’ll do our very best to help.
  • Mobile SIM Card with Data and Minutes – We’ll help provide you with a Mobile SIM card with 10GB of data and 500 minutes local calls. If you need further data, just speak to us and we can help your purchase whatever you need.
  • Beijing Metro Card – This will include roughly 10-12 trips already charged onto the card.
  • Bicycle Rental – Beijing is packed with bikes to explore the City. We’ll help set you up so you can explore this great City for hours on end.
    • NOTE – this will be dependant on setting up your Chinese bank account as the apps to rent bikes link to a bank account in China.
  • Locker at School – Store your valuables and possessions in the school lockers.
  • Beijing Map – Get to grips with one of the World’s biggest cities.
  • Free LTL Tote Bag – along with the bag you’ll also receive one of our LTL pens.
  • Free Locker
Price – 1,815 CNY

Beijing Survival Kit – Comfort Upgrade

  • Welcome Coffee – A member of the LTL team will take you for a welcome coffee at one of the nearby cafes
  • One Month Fitness Pass – Join our local gym on our complex which includes swimming pool, a range of exercise machines and fitness classes everyday.
  • Free Massage – Un wind and de-stress with a full body or foot massage courtesy of LTL.
  • All of the Standard Package also included

Please Note – Standard Survival Kits are included in the Immersion China Program and Multi City Programs. If you wish to upgrade these please speak to us. You will need to pay a security deposit when you collect your bicycle or choose your school locker. These will be returned upon your departure.

Price – 2,915 CNY

Beijing Airport or Train Pick Up Only

If you are not in need of any of the above packages, but still want to get too your accommodation quickly and safely, then our airport/train pick-up is just for you

  • Our driver will collect you when you arrive in Beijing and take you straight to your accommodation.
  • Don’t fret about having to get a or having to navigate the Beijing Metro whilst tired and new to the City.
  • Available for all Beijing Airports and Beijing Train Stations
Price – 300 CNY

White Buick GL8 minivan parked on the street

Beijing Connection Kit

This is the perfect way to meet local friends quickly and conveniently.

Meeting locals can be a challenge if you don’t go about it the right way. It’s all too easy to be sucked into the “foreign bubble” in Beijing. This is something we try to advise against.

By all means get to know and have foreign friends but not exclusively. This will hamper your Chinese progress. Local friends on the other hand will boost your knowledge hugely.

The great thing is you’ll be socialising over drinks, food or other activities so it won’t even feel like learning.

This is where the idea of a connection kit came to mind. With our connection kit we help you form local friends right from your first days in Beijing to give you a head start. It’s a brilliant way to make Chinese friends even more so for students not in Beijing for an awful long time.

  • Personal Student Ambassador – This will be a companion picked directly for you based on common interests and hobbies. You will have the chance to explore Beijing together and form a local circle of friends.
  • Personal Chinese Language Exchange Friend – This gives you the chance to help each other with your respective languages. Meet for food, drinks or whatever you wish and exchange stories from your local cultures and teach other your mother tongue.
Price – 900 CNY

Three students sitting on the stairs leading up to the temple of heaven in Beijing

What our students say

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"I think LTL's services are pretty good; it's already my 2nd time at LTL. The staff were friendly and helpful during my time at the school..."

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SURVIVAL KIT - How do I meet my driver at the Airport?

Your driver will be waiting for you at arrivals with your name card. He will also have a good idea of what you look like so you’ll be picked up in no time.

SURVIVAL KIT - What should I bring to School with my on my first day?

Just your passport but you are welcome to bring any other things you may want to use like your laptop/tablet or other study materials.

CONNECTION KIT - When do I meet my language exchange partner and student ambassador?

We’ll invite you for a meal together with your language exchange partner and student ambassador at the start of your time in China. From here you can plan any other activities you wish.

CONNECTION KIT - Why are there two people to meet?

We choose the two people based on their background, age and interests. Having a small group gives you access to a wider potential pool of other friends.

CONNECTION KIT - Who are the two people I will meet?

We judge this on your interests and hobbies. This could include local university students who want to make friends with foreigners or a young professional. We do our research and provide you wit the best solution.

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