Living in Beijing – Around The World in Sanlitun

Sanlitun Beijing – A Worldwide Tour of our Favourite Eateries

Tai Koo Li - The Heart of Sanlitun

Tai Koo Li – The Heart of Sanlitun

Everyone who has ever been to Beijing must have visited Sanlitun. A favourite for expats and tourists that offers different types of fun activities with big shopping malls, luxury hotels and bars.

Today we would like to talk about Sanlitun restaurants that offer a whole host of worldwide cuisines!

If you are a foodie you will definitely enjoy the diversity of cuisine that Sanlitun has. We’ve prepared the list of restaurants we think are worth a visit and hopefully our list will help you find something you will find tasty and yummy. Enjoy!

Tai Koo Li / Hatsune (Japanese)

If you say Sanlitun to your taxi driver, he’ll probably bring you to Tai Koo Li Shopping Mall. So we’ll start from Tai Koo Li which is filled with different brands when it comes to clothes and even more varieties when it comes to food.

If you want to go for Chinese food we’d suggest you go for more “Chinese” areas since Sanlitun is more of tourists and expats zone and has better choices when it comes to worldwide cuisine. Tai Koo Li has many restaurants but the one we want to drag your attention to is Hatsune Japanese restaurant.

When it comes to Hatsune we like it for the price and quality of the food. Getting fresh and good quality seafood in Beijing isn’t the easiest task to accomplish but thank goodness there is Hatsune with its yummy sushi and nigiri sets. Price wise, a dinner for two might end up costing you 100 USD but you’ll definitely will enjoy the food and leave full and happy.

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Address: No.19 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District | S8-30 Building 8, Section South Sanlitun Tai koo Li, Beijing, China

Nali Patio / Crepanini

If you go a bit further North from Tai Koo Li you’ll see white building, it’s called Nali Patio. The first thing that might attract your attention is that there are tables right outside of it. Usually it is almost impossible to find an empty table. It’s a favourite place for tired tourists and expats who want to have a cup of coffee during a lazy afternoon or get the feel of the city. Anyway the place is called Crepanini and has awesome pancakes, coffee and waffles.

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Bottega (Italian)

Sanlitun Beijing - If you want Italian food, look no further

Sanlitun Beijing – If you want Italian food, look no further

Crepanini is not the only place Nali Patio has to offer. If you are a fan of Italian cuisine then look no further than this absolute gem.

There is a restaurant called Bottega. The taste of the food and drinks makes our mouths water, even whilst writing this. We won’t exaggerate if we say that all the Italians in Beijing love the place and enjoy the food that tastes like home away from home.

The pizza’s are top class but it’s much more than just pizza. All the classic/staple Italian dishes are on offer. The owner is from Naples and you feel it in the food. Also good for a birthday meal booking if you have a good number of people and just want a few good pizza’s! Must visit

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Carmen (Spanish)

When it comes to Carmen you’ve got to make your reservation in advance since they’re always full of customers, that tells you everything you need to know before we even begin.

Their sangria, live music and delicious food will make you feel like you’re somewhere in Spain. The design of the restaurant is simple and cozy. We’d say they’ve got best paellas in town.

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Address: Sanlitun Nali Patio (opposite north entrance of Let’s Burger), 81 Sanlitun Lu Chaoyang District

Carmen - Spanish food in Sanlitun Beijing

Carmen – Spanish food in Sanlitun Beijing

Athena (Greek)

If you head further North of Sanlitun towards the embassy area you’ll find lots of amazing restaurants that will take you away from buzzing city noises of the very centre. One of such is Athena and yes you guessed it right it is Greek cuisine. They have an awesome buffet lunch offer Monday to Friday starting at around 11.30 am and finishing at around 2.30 pm.

Pay 80 yuan per person and eat all you can. That gives an opportunity to try different Greek dishes. The design of the restaurant reminds us of Santorini Island and takes us away from smoggy Beijing from time to time.

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Address: Sanlitun 1 Sanlitun Xiwu Jie Chaoyang District

Serve The People (Thai)

Right next to Athena we’ve got Thai restaurant called Serve the people. What can we say about it? The place is great just like all the other places in our list. The food is outstanding plus they have special teas and you have to be a tea fan if you are in China. It is a perfect place for warm summer evening.

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Address: Sanlitun 1 Sanlitun Xiwu Jie (next to Athena) Chaoyang District

Al-Ameen (Arabic)

If you are a fan of Arabic food we’ve got you covered. There is a restaurant called Al-Ameen. Best Lebanese food in Beijing is definitely served there! It is further down the street where Athena and Serve the people are located. Chef Ayman definitely knows how to cook well! You can also taste yummy deserts and Arabic hookah.

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Address: 2 Sanlitun Xiwu Lu Chaoyang District

Georgia’s Feast (Georgian)

Shisha at our favourite Georgian Restaurant

Shisha at our favourite Georgian Restaurant

If you go north and reach Liangma River you’ll see amazing Georgian restaurant called Georgia’s Feast. The music, atmosphere, design of the place is amazing. Their chief Nelly is Beijing’s Georgian star.

Some of you may or may not be familiar with the concept of Georgian food, but we can absolutely assure you, even if you’ve no idea what to expect, it’s 100% worth a visit and does sometimes require you to book before hand – again showing it’s popularity.

The decor is smart inside and the inside area is spacious and comfortable.

The food is the best quality especially combined with Georgian wine. If you try their khachapuri you’ll become a fan for life! Ultimately though, there are a whole wealth of great dishes to choose from.

Address: 2 Sanlitun Beixiaojie Chaoyang District

Qmex (Mexican)

Now we’ll talk about the south of Sanlitun where you can find different yummy restaurants right across the street from Intercontinental hotel. First one we would like to highlight is Qmex. We’re sure there are no indifferent people to Mexican food. Combined with great deal every week night it makes this place hard to resist. Their famous Coronitas help us stay chilled during hot summer nights. Definitely worth a visit!

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Home Plate (American)

Last but not the least restaurant in our list of the best is Home Plate BBQ. From the name you guessed it. Home Plate is a BBQ place, perhaps the home of the BBQ in Beijing. No need for any words just go and try superior food and check out the mouthwatering image below to whet the appetite. Everything is reasonably priced too!

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So there we have it – around the World, in Sanlitun Beijing!

Beijing is a huge city and of course there are lots of restaurants we haven’t tried. That said, if you are in Beijing and feeling homesick, or just feel like trying something different from Chinese cuisine then trust us, this list is complied by LTL’s biggest food fans! Some of the restaurants didn’t make it into the list due to location but we’ll definitely talk about them in our other blogs.

Home Plate BBQ in Beijing

Home Plate BBQ in Beijing

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