Our Chinese teachers in Beijing are the heart and soul of LTL Mandarin School.

Experienced, certified, qualified and incredibly motivated, it is our Mandarin instructors that really allow students to make the rapid language progress they do. We are very lucky at LTL Beijing to have such a stable, motivated and dedicated teaching team and it is mainly their hard work which has made LTL so successful in the last few years.

  • Experienced
  • Certified
  • Motivated
  • Professional
  • Long term
  • Well paid
  • Experienced


    LTL teachers - at least 5 and up to 35 years of teaching experience
    Full time - our teachers are professionals teaching Mandarin as a career
    Accomplished - our tutors have taken hundreds of students to fluency
    Capable - explain grammar, tones and characters competently

  • Fun


    Enjoy - we love teaching Chinese and watch our students improve
    Small classes - each students gets to speak and practice during class
    Relaxed - study hard while having a good time
    Community - LTL feels more like a family than a school

  • Learn Chinese fast

    Learn Chinese fast

    Advice - your teachers will show you tips and tricks to get ahead fast
    Quality matters - a real teacher costs more, but you will see the results
    Coaching - we guide you through your Chinese learning journey
    Speed - you will learn faster with a professional educator

  • Personal


    Small groups - our average group class size is 2.85 students per class
    Individual classes - a professional teacher adapts fully to your needs
    Assistance - focus on the parts of the language you are interested in
    Personal - nobody is a number, every individual student matters

Our Teaching Faculty in Beijing

When hiring our teachers we are very picky. We pay well and our teachers stay with us for a long time. It is not easy to join the LTL teaching team, however once you are in you usually stay for a very long time. All Chinese instructors at LTL hold a university degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language at least at the Bachelor level. A lot of our teachers additionally gained a Masters or Phd in Chinese language education or were specifically trained as pedagogues. We have very strict hiring criteria and before someone can apply as a teacher at LTL Beijing they are required to show extensive successful teaching experience at other institutions. Our teachers usually previously taught Mandarin as professors or university lecturer, were top performing instructors at other language schools in Beijing or worked as school teachers at Mandarin schools outside China. Many also became scholars in Teaching Mandarin as a Foreign Language  – which in Mandarin is called 对外汉语 – regularly publish in academic journals and today train others in teaching Mandarin.

Why does it matter?

Many people seem to think if you know a language you can teach that language. We whole heartedly disagree with this. Being a real teacher is a skill. Many would even say a calling that is very difficult to obtain. Being a successful teacher requires a lot of time and an exceptional personality. A real educator motivates a student every day, while demanding discipline when required, ensures a focus on the areas that matter and guides you to your aims in the fastest possible way. Choosing LTL where teachers are not only qualified to do this but also hold a good position that offers benefits like social insurance, regular training, maternity leave and much more. However, if your aim is to learn Mandarin, the time (and money) you save by simply getting there so much faster, is in our opinion more than worth it.

What our students say


Are the classes fun?

Yes absolutely. In our experience enjoying to learn Mandarin is the best way to progress quickly. This is why we find it important to make classes not only efficient but also fun.

Where are your teachers from?

All Chinese teachers at LTL Beijing are native Chinese speakers who speak standard Mandarin. Most come from the Northeast of China – which includes Beijing and Chengde – but we also have teachers from the Southern and Eastern parts of the country.

How do you choose the right teacher for me?

We will do an assessment with you before you start your course and based on this decide on a suitable teacher, study plan and study materials for you.

How old are your teachers?

We choose our teachers based on ability, qualification, experience, and personality not age. Therefore we have teachers of all age ranges working for us.

Are your teachers male or female?

We have both male and female teachers and do not differentiate between genders when hiring. However, because there tends to be more women studying Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language at university and choose teaching as a career, we have more female than male teachers.

Can I request a specific teacher?

As we have many students returning to a course at LTL, it is possible to request a specific teacher, though this is subject to his or her class schedule. If you are a first time student we will decide on the right teacher for you based on the assessment we will do with you before the course starts.