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At its heart, LTL Mandarin School is a group of China nerds. We love this country, its beautiful language and the fascinating culture it boasts. We came here as adventurers to study, travel or work and stayed because today there is probably no other place more exciting to live in than the capital of the world’s fastest changing country.

We watched China rush from communism into the space age and see it now moving further and faster into the digital world than anyone could have imagined. We go every day to work because we want to support and guide others in learning Mandarin, explore this culture, and have a great time while doing so. We started in Beijing and have branched further afield with great success and we hope that continues as we teach people from all over the world to speak, read and write Mandarin.

Andreas standing in the LTL Beijing lobby

  • The best teaching team ever

    The best teaching team ever

    Our teachers - we choose Beijing’s best teachers to work for LTL
    Stable - the average teacher tenure at LTL is more than five years
    Motivated - our teachers chose teaching as a life-long career
    Picky - it’s a long road to get hired by us and we select very carefully

  • Fair


    Full time - unlike most schools, all our teachers work full time for LTL
    Fully insured - our teachers get full social insurance with annual leave
    Stable jobs - with maternity leave, salary increases, overtime pay
    Good pay - we pay very well which is why we can choose the best teachers

  • Fun


    Enjoy - we work here and do this because we like it
    Making friends - LTL is like a little family to us and our students
    Join - eat lunch with the team at the school every day or join Friday drinks
    Relaxed - we all work and learn best in a relaxed and friendly environment

  • Determined


    Fast learning - good teaching, small classes and immersion do work
    Fluency - we get students to HSK 6 within a year and are very proud of it
    Overcome - studying Mandarin can be frustrating – we will help you
    Short cuts - let us show you how to use technology to learn faster

A little bit of history

LTL was started in 2007 in a small coffee shop in the Central Business District of Beijing by Andreas Laimböck with the help of our first Director of Studies in Beijing, Tina Xiang. From day one we focused on high quality education, immersion and getting students ahead with their Mandarin as fast as possible. Never very much concerned about quick growth even back then, everything was about making sure that LTL grew through word of mouth of happy customers. Over the years this approach paid off and today we are not only unrivaled in our reputation of achieving very fast language learning progress, but have grown to three language learning centers: Beijing, Shanghai and our complete immersion program in Chengde.

Today Tina manages our Chinese teacher team in Chengde and Andreas is still based in Beijing and frequently visits Shanghai and Chengde.

Who we are

At LTL Beijing (not including our schools in Shanghai and Chengde) we are a team of 17 full time Chinese Teachers, three Student Advisors, two Administrators, one Director of Studies, one Marketing Manager and one Accommodation Manager. We speak a total of twelve languages, have a gender split of about 60% female vs. 40% male, are between 24 and 45 years old and have on average worked for LTL for about four years. We are a very international team, but overall of course mainly Chinese.

Today we are big enough to have a professional curriculum, training plans and internal processes, yet small enough to know every student’s name, go for lunch together and all fit on to one big table when we go for a team dinner.

LTL Quick Facts

Established in 2007, LTL Mandarin School has taught over 3500 students from 105 different countries

LTL has 4 school locations, 4.8 rating on tripadvisor, 19 classrooms, 32 Chinese teachers


LTL accreditations: IALC, German ministry of education, Swedish higher education ministry, Hanban HSK


Why are you doing this?

That’s simple: because we like it. It is very satisfying to see a student’s Mandarin level develop from beginner to advanced. It’s a bit humiliating when some students end up speaking better Mandarin than some of our non-Chinese staff members, but we will all study hard to try to prevent that from happening again.

Can I speak to you directly?

Yes of course. Contact a student advisor through our contact form for help with planning your course in China. Or if you want to speak to someone specifically on our team, just say so in the message and we will put you in touch.

What does your office look like?

We have two office areas in Beijing. One is the “inner” office where we do accounting, marketing and other admin tasks. The inner office has a door we try to close to give us a bit of peace and quiet to do our work. Everyone is always welcome to come by though with questions or just for a chat about Friday evening plans – and many people do. The “outer” office is where our Director of Studies, Accommodation Manager and support work. It is right next to our communal lunch area, is completely open and this is where students, teachers and staff mingle all the time. If you want to know when the next HSK exam is, where to get your bicycle from the survival kit or just where is good for lunch today – we are sitting right next to you.

Can you really see the Great Wall from the school rooftop?

Yes you can, but not without a telescope. We do have a direct view of the Northern Mountains where the wall is located, are on the 30th floor in the Central Business District with an amazing view over the city, but the Great Wall is about 80km North of downtown Beijing so you cannot see it with you bare eyes.

How can I sign up?

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