Learn Chinese in China with LTL

Learn Chinese in China like never before with our invigorating Multi City Chinese program. Grasp a unique taste of the Chinese culture and your language skills will improve vastly as you experience up to three fascinating cities in the Middle Kingdom.

Beijing, Shanghai and Chengde offer excellent opportunities to dive right into Chinese culture. This could include a host of activities. Mixing with locals in Chengde after a day of studying at school, drinking tea at a traditional tea shop in Beijing, or throwing yourself into the bright night lights of Shanghai. Experience all this whilst studying abroad and learning Mandarin.

Student and teacher selfie on a hill in Chengde

  • Study Chinese in China with LTL
  • Study in 2 or 3 different cities
  • Monday – Friday Intensive Chinese
  • Unique Cultural Experience
  • Flexible options to suit you
  • All transport included
  • Experience Beijing

    History – Beijing has it in abundance
    Stylish – The Capital has a modern, stylish side. Live it, discover it
    Famous – The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tian’anmen Square and more
    Hutongs – Explore the Beijing’s famous old town

  • Experience Shanghai

    Modern – Experience staggering skyscrapers across the city
    Amazing Architecture – Nowhere does skyscrapers like Shanghai
    Diverse – All kinds of worldwide nationalities to meet
    Nightlife – When dark Shanghai shines bright, explore the bright lights

  • Experience Chengde

    Immersion – Experience “real China” where few people speak English
    No foreigners – Watch your Mandarin progress fast
    24/7 – You’ll speak non stop Chinese in Chengde, great practice
    Adventure – Hiking, food, exploring. An adventure you’ll never forget

  • Learn Chinese in China

    All Round – Together, all 3 cities have everything you could ask for
    Homestay – Enhance your Chinese even further with our Homestays
    Support – We are here to help 24/7 in any City
    Family – We are a family at LTL, join us and meet friends for life

Learn Chinese in China – The Cities

The Great Wall of China at dusk


The Capital City of China and the city where you will learn about Chinese history and culture like nowhere else. Beijing is home to world famous landmarks including the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, alongside a modest 56 universities. On the flipside the modern area of Sanlitun is the polar opposite. Thrown together they provide a fascinating mix making Beijing one of the most diverse cities in China.

Chengde Summer Palace


Commonly confused with Chengdu (famous for Panda’s). Chengde is far smaller than Beijing and Shanghai but offers an opportunity for full immersion and 24/7 Chinese. Chengde is caped in history and is a UNESCO World Heritage site in itself. The city is the birthplace of Mandarin and therefore, this is real China. There is no doubt your Chinese will increase vastly by studying abroad in Chengde.

The Bund in Shanghai at Night seen from Pudong


Incredibly, Shanghai hosts roughly 50 times the population of Chengde. This city is without doubt China’s most international city and is a magnificent mix of colossal skyscrapers and ancient colonial heritage. Hugely important in the worldwide economical scene likewise. You won’t regret a visit to this incredible city where the atmosphere is intense, all day and all night long.

Multi City Program Options

Metropolitan China (Beijing - Shanghai)

Beijing and Shanghai, two incredible cities in their own right. Both offer such different opportunities in such diverse environments. You’ll learn the culture of this wonderful country and enhance your language skills when studying Chinese abroad with LTL. Choose one of our three course options below and get on the road to studying Chinese abroad.

You can choose between three program options.

Metropolitan China Standard

Our standard package includes 20 hours of small group classes each week. Our Shanghai school is located in the old French concession. In Beijing, you’ll be right in the thick of the action in the central business district (CBD). The 20 hour program each week will be the perfect opportunity to push on your Mandarin knowledge.

Metropolitan China Standard Price

Duration Price (CNY)
4 weeks 12,912
6 weeks 16,560
8 weeks 19,836
10 weeks 22,769
12 weeks 25,383
14 weeks 28,883
16 weeks 32,383
+ 2 weeks 3,500/ 2 wks

Metropolitan China Intensive

If you want to absolutely maximise your time in Metropolitan China and progress your Mandarin, this is the course for you. As with the standard package you will receive 20 hours of group classes but on top of that you also get 10 hours of 1 on 1 classes, this is where your Mandarin language skills will progress even faster.

Metropolitan China Intensive Price

Duration Price (CNY)
4 weeks 21,684
6 weeks 29,084
8 weeks 35,731
10 weeks 41,680
12 weeks 46,983
14 weeks 54,083
16 weeks 61,183
+ 2 weeks 7,100/ 2 wks

Metropolitan China Individual

Receive 20 hours of 1 on 1 classes every week with our individual package. All focus will be on you as you enhance your Mandarin language skills as quickly as possible. The study plan will be personalised so you achieve the goals you strive for before arriving in China. The perfect program if you want speedy progression.

Metropolitan China Individual Price

Duration Price (CNY)
4 weeks 21,928
6 weeks 29,432
8 weeks 36,173
10 weeks 42,206
12 weeks 47,583
14 weeks 54,783
16 weeks 61,983
+ 2 weeks 7,200/ 2 wks

All our Metropolitan programs include airport pickup, your transport between cities and your survival kit upon arrival.

Survival kits include a Chinese Mobile SIM card (make sure your phone is unlocked), help with police registration, help with setting up a bank account, a bicycle to use, public transport cards including money, local maps and the guidance of the LTL support team 24/7.

The duration of the course is entirely up to you, with a minimum of 4 weeks and the maximum 52 weeks. The longer you join multi city Chinese program, the greater the saving.

Where will I stay? 

We have a number of accommodation options which are priced the same in both cities. Our Homestays ensure you utilise everything you learn in the classroom or you can opt for our serviced or shared apartments with fellow LTL students. We aim to locate you within a relatively short commute from the school whether in Apartments or Homestays.

3 City Combo (Shanghai - Beijing - Chengde)

Experience all three cities on offer from the modern day metropolis of Shanghai to the full immersion experience in Chengde. Your journey will start in Shanghai before heading north to Beijing. You’ll conclude your adventure in Chengde where your Mandarin knowledge will really boost due to zero foreign contact.

We offer three different programs here which are as follows:

Three City Standard

Our standard package offers 20 hours of Mandarin lessons a week. Classes are small and intimate, with one of our expert teachers in our Shanghai school. After that, it’s on to Beijing. However, we raise the bar when you get to Chengde. 20 hours of private lessons every week and no English allowed. Full immersion will see your Chinese language skills improve rapidly.

Three City Standard Price

Duration Price (CNY)
6 weeks 22,666
9 weeks 29,136
12 weeks 34,598
15 weeks 41,698
18 weeks 48,798
21 weeks 55,898
+ 3 weeks 7,100/ 3 wks

Three City Intensive

Throw yourself in the deep end with 30 hours of Chinese Language lessons every week at our schools. 20 hours of group classes, and 10 hours of one to one tutoring in Shanghai and Beijing. When you head to Chengde you’ll have a whole 30 hours a week of private one to one classes. If you really want to enhance your Mandarin as quickly as possible, we recommend this program.

Three City Intensive Price

Duration Price (CNY)
6 weeks 35,190
9 weeks 46,581
12 weeks 56,198
15 weeks 68,698
18 weeks 81,198
21 weeks 93,698
+ 3 weeks 12,500/ 3 wks

Three City Individual

Our individual course allows you to mould the course around your specific needs and goals. In Shanghai, Beijing and then finally Chengde you will study 20 hours of private, 1 on 1 classes each week. This gives you the opportunity to set specific targets, goals and topics you wish to achieve. Chengde is the perfect way to end your trip as you will experience full immersion.

Three City Individual Price

Duration Price (CNY)
6 weeks 31,247
9 weeks 41,089
12 weeks 49,398
15 weeks 60,198
18 weeks 70,998
21 weeks 81,798
+ 3 weeks 10,800/ 3 wks

Likewise, with the Metropolitan programs, the same package is included in the price. Airport pickup, transport between cities and your survival kit making your transition to China that little bit more comfortable.

Survival kits include a Chinese SIM card (make sure your phone is unlocked before coming to China), help with police registration and setting up any new bank accounts. Additionally you’ll also receive usage of a bicycle, public transport cards topped up for convenience, maps and our 24/7 support.

The duration of the course can be a minimum of 4 weeks and the maximum 52 weeks. Chat to us for further details and we will make sure you are matched with the perfect Multi City Program.

Chinese Immersion Program (Beijing - Chengde)

This unique Chinese Immersion program allows you to gain a real insight into modern-day China from two very different perspectives.

Students spend the first half of their Chinese language course at our Beijing school right in the heart of the Central Business District. You will then take the train to the city of Chengde, China’s old Imperial Summer Capital, nestled in the mountains of Hebei province.

This is a whole new experience in itself and because of this we’ve made another page for it.

Learn more about Chinese Immersion Program

What Our Students Say

Ben Testimony for LTL
New Jersey, USA
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The classes in Beijing and Shanghai were both great, nothing to complain about. Doing an indivdual class is great as you can learn about whatever you want to, or need to, at your own pace. The class is fully adapted to you.

Read More

Maggie Testimony for LTL
Maine, USA
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I have had a great experience at LTL. I leave China with a new skill, friends from all over the world, and the ability to live and travel comfortably in one of the biggest, most influential countries in the world. All in all, I have had a great experience at LTL.

Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I travel from City to City and what are the costs?

There are no extra travel costs between cities. All costs are included in the price and we have zero hidden costs at LTL. Chengde now has an airport meaning you can fly between all 3 cities. The journey’s can also be completed via High Speed Train. Beijing to Shanghai takes shy of five hours. Very fast considering the distance. The trains are comfortable and a pleasurable ride. Soon we are also opening a new school in Taiwan and in Beihai which will give you even more options.

What are the main differences between the LTL schools?

Whilst Beijing is our main school, Shanghai and Beijing offer very similar environments. There are small groups of students always around, regular activities and people to meet. Chengde is almost the opposite to this. Focus moves towards immersion rather than contact with other foreigners. Experience Chinese culture first hand in the final destination of your trip and learn Chinese throughout China.

Can you give an idea of the cost of living?

In China you will enjoy a decent cost of living where the main expenditure is rent. Chengde, as you may expect, is the cheapest of the 3 cities to live in but even Beijing and Shanghai won’t set you back greatly compared to other big cities worldwide. Lunch and Dinner can be purchased for anything between 2 and 10 USD on most days depending on your choice of food. In Chengde there is a good chance your Chinese friends will end up treating you to food and drink also.

Chengde sounds like a real challenge. Am I up to the task?

Chengde is “real China” as we like to say. Life will most likely be very different to what you are used to but in a positive manner. You may end up partaking in a whole host of activities in Chengde which include hiking, playing with your local sports team, enjoying the public dancing or just getting to know new friends. This is an experience we cannot recommend highly enough and we are sure you’ll have a memorable experience in Chengde. Be aware though, if you are not keen on complete immersion this might not be the place for you. Chat with us and we can discuss your options further if you remain unsure.

I’m a beginner, is this for me?

Of course. Almost 50% of our students are beginners coming from abroad so this is perfectly normal. Beginner courses start on the following dates so be aware of these:

  • October 16, 2017
  • November 6, 2017
  • November 27, 2017
  • December 18, 2017
  • January 8, 2018
  • January 29, 2018
  • February 26, 2018
  • March 19, 2018
  • April 9, 2018
  • April 30, 2018
  • May 21, 2018
  • June 11, 2018
  • July 16, 2018
  • July 30, 2018
How can I prepare myself for the adventure in China?

We send out pre-course information packages which give you all the information you need. This includes what to pack and any potential technical questions you may have. Shanghai and Beijing have everything you need anyway so if there is something you forget or don’t have, we can help sort you out upon arrival. You will be fully supported by LTL when you come to learn Chinese in China.

In terms of accommodation, what would you recommend?

If you wish to have a chat to us about your specific requirements then drop us a message via our Contact Page. In terms of general advice we’ve always been mad keen on the Homestays. They maintain your Chinese speaking outside of class and stop you falling into the trap of talking your first language too often outside of the school. This is hugely important when learning Chinese and wanting to achieve full immersion.


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