Flexible Chinese Classes in Beijing

The most flexible Chinese classes in Beijing, this LTL program allows students to study Mandarin anywhere in the city, at any time.

  • Classes can be scheduled with only six hours’ notice.
  • Classes can be cancelled up to two hours before, at no charge.

This is our most flexible study option, since the course allows you to adjust your classes to a busy and unpredictable work and travel schedule.

A lesson can be as short as an hour and you can choose to take classes at our school, your home, your office or anywhere else you want in Beijing.

Learning Chinese 1-on-1 in Beijing

  • Super flexible Chinese Classes
  • Top rated Mandarin School in Beijing
  • Schedule a class within 6hrs
  • 2hrs notice to cancel a class
  • Study anywhere in Beijing
  • Top class teaching team
  • No minimum class length
  • No regular schedule required
  • Full support of LTL staff
  • Change and cancel as needed

    Change and cancel as needed

    Study when you have time: Arrange a Mandarin class with only 6hrs notice

    Cancel when you don’t: Cancel lessons with only 2 hrs notice at no charge

    Flexible class length: Classes can be as short as one hour or as long as six

    Adjustable: No regular schedule required, just tell us when you are free

  • Great Teachers

    Great Teachers

    Experienced: LTL teachers have an average of 8 years' of teaching experience

    Quality matters: You get ahead quicker with a professional Chinese teacher

  • Service


    English speaking: LTL teachers and staff all speak English

    Free assessment: Personal assessment of your current Chinese skills

    Study plan: Get a personal study plan and study advice from our team

    Learn Mandarin online: With the FREE Chinese Online Learning Kit

  • LTL Mandarin School

    LTL Mandarin School

    Experienced: We teach Apple, VW, Microsoft, the US embassy etc.

    Established: Started in 2007, LTL has been around for a long time

    Community: Meet other students at our weekly activities and dinners

    Beijing’s best reviewed school: Don’t take our word for it – check Google!

Flexible Schedule

Our Super Flexible Chinese program is China’s best option for learning Mandarin if you’re someone who has a busy and unpredictable schedule. You can cancel classes with only two hours’ notice, arrange a lesson only six hours in advance and can study anywhere in Beijing at any time for any duration you want. If you often go on last-minute business trips, if your position often requires you to work overtime or if you otherwise need to adjust your study schedule frequently, then this program is the program for you.

The LTL Quality Guarantee

The Super Flexible program is not only extremely flexible and convenient, but also taught by professional full-time Chinese language instructors. That means we do not just “teach some Chinese” but make sure we understand your current language level and learning targets properly first. We then choose a suitable teacher and study materials for you and prepare properly for your course.

This means you’re guaranteed to make quick Chinese language progress – however, the planning involved is also a lot of work. For that reason we do not offer trial classes to “try out” a teacher. We need our students to commit to us like we commit to them. We do employ Beijing’s best teachers (and pay them accordingly) and are very proud of the teaching quality that comes with this.

Not sure yet? We only require students to pay us after their third hour of class. If for some reason during those first three hours of class a student decides that we did not live up to expectations, the student owes us no money and all lessons so far are free of charge.

Flexible Chinese Classes in Beijing – Prices

Please see the following table for the Super Flexible class pricing:

Number of hours >100 0-100
Price in CNY 200 220

If you are looking to save money, check out our standard 1-on-1 Mandarin lessons in Beijing, that offer a lower price for a bit less flexibility.


  • A full time professional Chinese language teacher that adjusts to your schedule.
  • Free class cancellation (as many hours as you want)
  • Only two hours’ notice during working hours to cancel a class
  • Only six hours’ notice during working hours to schedule a class
  • Study anywhere in Beijing
  • Within the fourth ring road there are no transport charges. For classes further away, a transport charge might apply depending on the location.
  • Classes can be as short as one hour or as long as six hours
  • Study at any time from 8am to 9pm, seven days a week. Earlier or later classes might be possible depending on availability.

Prompt payment: We are good at teaching Chinese and that is what we like to focus on. Our prices therefore do not include the cost of us having to chase after students to pay. As we don’t think it is fair to charge all students for the time needed to chase up a few late payers, prices above already include a 5% prompt payment discount for everyone. Payment is due at the latest on the day that you took your third hour of class. If your payment is late, you will have to pay 5% more.

What our Students Say

Rachael Testimony for LTL
United Kingdom
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"My teacher is perfectly able to allow flexibility. For whatever reason, up to an hour an a half before my lesson I could cancel or postpone it, or likewise move my class to an hour or two later."

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Isabelle Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I was amazed by the progression of my Chinese level in such a short time. It is perfect for me, because in my professional life I have to face all kind of situations. I passed HSK 5!"

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Kyle  Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"My life and confidence in Beijing has dramatically improved and I cannot thank my teacher and LTL enough for that. I am incredibly lucky to have met my teacher!"

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Phillip Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"All the teachers did a wonderful job. I can fully recommend LTL as a language learning school for anyone who is interested in learning Chinese. I'm really glad to have had their support."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change teachers?

Yes. In the unlikely case that you are not happy with your teacher you can at any point of your course ask for a change of teacher.

How long are my super flexible Chinese classes in Beijing valid for?

Super flexible Chinese classes in Beijing are valid for a full two years after the day of invoicing if you purchase up to 100. If you buy more than 100 in one go the classes will never expire and are permanently valid.

How do I cancel or arrange a class?

To cancel a class just send a message (WeChat or SMS) to your teacher. To arrange a class, just contact our Director of Studies. For classes arranged at short notice, we always try to organise your preferred teacher, however if that teacher already has another class at that time, another teacher might teach the class.

Are there any cheaper options?

Yes. The Super Flexible Chinese program offers almost complete flexibility in scheduling or cancelling classes. Whenever a class is cancelled a teacher who was supposed to work suddenly doesn’t anymore and needs to be compensated for that. With our standard 1-on-1 program there are restrictions on how many classes can be cancelled, when they can be scheduled etc., which reduces costs significantly.

How do you choose your teachers?

LTL today is one of China’s most successful private Chinese language schools and it is our teachers we have to thank for this. We not only offer very good working conditions, but also pay very well, which means we can afford to be very picky when choosing our teachers. As a pre-requisite to apply for a job at LTL Mandarin School a teacher needs to have earned a university degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (对外汉语) and at least five years’ teaching experience either at university or at another language school. This is followed by a series of interviews, observed trial classes and assessments. Those who make it through the trial period after that become full-time LTL teachers – and will most likely continue to work for us for the rest of their professional teaching career.

How can I pay?

You can pay us in cash, via bank transfer, WeChat or AliPay.

When do I have to pay?

At the very latest you have to pay on the day of your third hour of class. We are a language school and our strength is teaching Chinese, not running after students for payment. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the course is paid on time. The 5% prompt payment discount will not be valid any more if the payment is late. If you are not sure whether you can make payment on that day, it can be a good idea to pay in advance to avoid losing the prompt payment discount.

Where is LTL Mandarin School Beijing?

We are located at:

Sunshine 100, Bldg. C 2910 Guanghua Rd. 2
100026 Chaoyang District, Beijing
Phone: +86 10 5100 1269

in the Central Business District, next to DaWangLu subway station.
Our Chinese address is北京朝阳区100026光华路2号阳光100 C座 2910
and you can find a walking map to our school here.

Do you issue fapiaos (发票)?

Yes of course we do. However, due to the very complex Chinese tax system we need the full name of the company (if you are unsure, ask your finance department for the 抬头) or the person you want the fapiao issued to before you start your course. It is not possible to change or adjust a fapiao once it has been issued, and according to Chinese law, fapiaos can only be issued during the calendar month that the payment was made, and no later. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us at any time – we have been doing this for a very long time and are very familiar with these processes.


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